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Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigate the second week of January

By Ashtar Tashi  January 4th, 2019

This year has Neptune playing up twice in two major planetary positions. On January 7, you may be in a mood for a bit of romance and want to take things to the next level. Be a little adventurous with your lover/ partner. On January 8, you may hit a communications roadblock and small arguments may flare up into something bigger. So, watch your words and don’t allow anyone to ruffle your feathers. On January 11, you may find authority figures to be more domineering than usual but do not get flustered and just keep calm. On January 13, you can express your ideas freely without underestimating your potential and power. Be realistic about what you can do and then go ahead and do it.

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Goddess Dana invites you to a space of understanding your spiritual, emotional and communication strengths. You have been gifted with knowledge and wisdom that the world needs to learn from and grow with. Understand your responsibility towards this task and follow your soul calling. Be it your profession or your personal life; trust that you have a lot to give. Reach out to people this week and offer whatever you can. It is now time for you to share your ideas. Do not hesitate because the universe has made these plans for you and you will stand in your own way if you feel under equipped or low on confidence at this time. Dana is the goddess who leads the way and these seven days she holds your hand and takes you forward to achieve what you have been wanting to do but have been doubting your self or been lazy about doing. It’s all about taking action so just get moving, knowing fully well that the universe is supporting you strongly. 

Your colours this week: Bright colours of the rainbow palette.


Goddess Mother Mary embraces you warmly and asks you to trust in the divine plan. Expect miracles, for you have waited long enough for them. If your patience has been waning, you need to smile now since it will pay off this week. The wait may have been long but it will bear its fruits. Sometimes when we try and control the outcome of most things in our lives, we tend to forget that there is still a larger universal will and plan that must pass the design we have in mind. If it isn’t for our highest good, however beautiful, it shall not be handed over to us. That may be the reason for your long wait. Now, when you are ready and the plan is perfect in the larger scheme of things, it shall miraculously fall in your lap. Yes, miracles do happen.

Your colours this week: White, cream, beige, ivory and ecru.


Goddess Rhiannon welcomes you to fulfill all your dreams this week. What is it that has been holding you back till now? Is it your lack of self-confidence or your need for approval from others? Allow yourself the freedom to try new things that you haven’t till now, and walk ahead with confidence and the knowledge that this week, you actually have the power to make true all that has been only a part of your vivid imagination till now. Be it a new friendship, a fresh idea at work, exploring a new hobby, or even investing in something you desire and which has been your long cherished dream.  Make place for something new in your life this week and work hard towards bringing it where it belongs. Do not let opinions of others weigh down on your flights of fancy and work to actually bring to fruition that which is specially meant for you.

Your colours this week: Navy blue, prussian blue and charcoal grey.  



Goddess Ostara is the harbinger of new conditions and fertility in your life. The second week of 2019 is the perfect timing to bring to fruition whatever plans you have been making all of last year. This week, see your dreams get fulfilled. Only if you have done enough preparation for them. A half ripe fruit is not good enough to enjoy, just like a half-baked cake will never add joy to your celebrations. So, if you wish to celebrate your successes, make sure your efforts have been deserving of it. This time around, you have all the opportunities to give birth to ideas that have been waiting in the wings. Is it a new relationship you wish to take to the next level or a business plan? A new venture or collaboration that needs a nod or even upgrading your personal skills. Everything is happening for you at the right time. Open your arms and receive the opportunities to grow, glow and shine.

Your colours this week: All dark, leafy shades of green.


Goddess Aphrodite is the goddess of self-awareness. Her message to you this week is that of being aware of who you are and what makes you the person you wish to be. If you have been living in oblivion of your talents and in the shadows of others and their opinions about you… well, this week snap out of that state! Aphrodite wants to wake you up from your slumber and notice what makes you special. Your talents, qualities, goodness and your never-say-die attitude are your strengths, and this week, you need to follow that tide and ride the wave of confidence. Make a list of all your qualities that are unique. Be it habits, behaviour, strengths and talents. Read them all and realise how special you are. Remind yourself about your goodness with this simple exercise. This week is almost like a wake-up call to do your self a favour. Follow the goddess advice and do what makes you enhance all that you already possess. Feel proud of who you are.

Your colours this week: All shades of pink and red.


Goddess Kali is a high-powered energy in the realm of divine beings and she is asking you to be ready for a huge round of change this week. The message is that of massive shifts which will end many things that are not of any need for your growth. Transformations are, after all, about soul evolution. This also means openings of doors to walk through once you have left behind all that’s of no use. New beginnings are all about something that you may not be comfortable with, but remember that change is never easy. This week, you will have to alter not only your approach, but also your reactions. They will have to be measured so as to not disturb others or even yourself. Be consciously aware that these endings and beginnings will force you out of your comfort zone and push you into territories unknown and yet, you will have to put up a brave and kind face. You cannot blame others for these shifts but understand that your spirit is so ready for this so you need to humbly accept and do what’s required of you.   

Your colours this week: Bright shades of red, blues and whites.


Goddess Isis brings your attention to reminding yourself what you have to achieve in this life. Are you repeating patterns that have bothered you in the past? Are there people who keep reminding you to change but you keep running away from that truth? Is there something that has happened in the past that you are unable to let go of? This week is your time of redemption and making the change that your soul needs so badly. You need to accept whatever has happened, to be able to change it. Stop fooling yourself and be aware of what belongs to the past and allow it to stay there. There are always certain things and experiences in our lives that should not be meddled with too much. Sometimes, it is safer for all concerned to leave that behind and move on. So, this week let bygones be bygones and walk ahead without turning back.

Your colours this week: Deep yellows, ochre, light browns.


Goddess Hathor wants all Librans to appreciate the generosity of the universe this week and take what’s on offer. You are being gifted with many good things but you need to recognise the potential of how they shall work for you in the long run. You will face challenges this week, especially in matters of money. Take care of relationships with those you have to deal with, for money or finances. There might be blocks in personal relationships and money could be at the center of it all. So open your heart up and don’t allow anyone to rub you the wrong way in these matters. Be agreeable to face these people and also deal with them by opening your heart, spirit and ears to their requests. What may not seem fair to you right now will be good for all concerned in the unseen future.

Your colours this week: Hues of pale greens, pale yellows and pale blues.


Goddess Sarasvati helps you with your creative abilities this week. Choose to find your work-life balance through some extra curricular activities that help you relax. It may be something that you already have been pursuing or even something new that you are interested in. As long as it gets your creative juices flowing. Seek out people who share similar interests with you and add value to your life, especially the recreational side. The crab aspect in you, which keeps you in your shells AKA homes, needs to step outdoors. Go out and experience some new avenues of recreational activities which otherwise seem strange to you. Ignore the feeling that you will be watched and need to stay in hiding. Instead show off your best side and let others watch you shine.

Your colours this week: Peach, ivory, pastel yellow.


Goddess Isolt gives you hopes this week and tells you that you are loved. Sometimes your circumstances and the moods of people around you make you feel insecure about your loved ones and your love life. Do away with your insecurity and believe that however a situation may seem like on the outside, your loved ones will be truly faithful to you. They love you deeply but perhaps are unable to express this, the way you expect it. Do not raise any unpleasant issues from the past and instead look at a bright and happy future filled with love. Being suspicious or untrusting will only increase the tension and not resolve any matters. Create opportunities for communication with those you love and heal whatever is bothering you as a couple or even as a family and with your children. 

Your colours this week: Shades of violet, lavender and blues.


Goddess White Tara reminds you that you need rest from your thoughts; anxieties and worries are making you more sensitive than you need to be. Look around you and observe why are you over-reacting to situations and feeling overwhelmed by all that is happening. Yes, things in the recent past may have made you more cautious of what may happen unexpectedly but that doesn’t really mean that you have to live in a state of fear and discomfort. You will create more distress for yourself this week if you do not become aware of the fact that you can change your situation if you learn a little more about who you are and what you want.

Your colours this week: Muted shades of grey, beige, browns and greens.


Goddess Coventina purifies your thoughts, words and actions this week. The attitude of purification is to encourage you to let go of all that is disturbing you. What is it that stops you from moving ahead? Fear of failure or fear of success? Is communication your bane? Or is it feeling low on confidence among a large group of people? Anything that is contaminating your spirit energy and taking away what is meant to make you feel good about yourself is exactly what you need to drop, and hence purify your thought mind, body and spirit. Remove guilt and dust off the energy of those who are pulling you down. This week, focus with determination and work on self. This can be done by appreciating your good vibrations and willingly let go of what is not working for your higher good. Everything: habits, people, addictions, attitudes and feelings that feel incorrect must now be washed away from the system gently. Free yourself to feel fresh, healthy and purified again.

Your colours this week: Aquamarine, sky blue, turquoise and lavender.