Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigating the third week of January

By Ashtar Tashi  January 14th, 2019

What do the stars hold for you this week? Find out with our weekly horoscope guide. Plus, the crystals that will benefit each zodiac sign.  


Goddess Green Tara wishes to heal you by guiding you to trust the universe this week. Healing takes place when we can trust whatever we are doing to make a situation better for us. This week, know that you are being looked after. For a change, give your worries to someone a little more responsible at the moment. Sometimes, when we are looking at a problem too closely, we cannot understand the real issue and may take unreasonable decisions. Delegate your problems to someone more able than you in this matter and allow them to take charge for a change and resolve the problem for you. You are born leaders, sure, but letting go of control once in a way will only help you. Especially this week. Trust and let go. 

Your Crystal This Week: Wear or keep close to you Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli. Though the crystals generate personal power, they also help you to understand and respect the knowledge of others, hence building trust and allowing letting go.


Goddess Sedna embraces your energies this week with an infinite supply of abundance. The universe wishes to bless you with material wealth as well as an infinite supply of opportunities. This week, look around and observe what opportunities are hidden. Look for them in the most unusual of places. Stop doubting others who wish to help you and come up with plans that sound interesting. Believe that the universe is giving you something you have been wanting and now you are ready to receive it. Enjoy the abundance!

Your Crystals This Week: Keep Citrine and Carnelian on your worktable and also a small piece of each in your wallet if you wish. These two generate an abundance of opportunities and also material wealth.


Goddess Brigit asks you to be strong this week. All that you stand for, all that you believe in and are principled about may be up for a challenge. This week is going to bring to the fore your value systems and test your strength. Know that this is only a test and don’t be too harsh on your self. You won’t fail in it only if you are honest about everything. If you wish to pass with flying colors, believe in your own truth. Do not try to please others to be in their good books. Give up trying to impress because that wont lead you anywhere. Focus only on your good work and you will be noticed and appreciated for that.

Your Crystals This Week: Black Tourmaline worn on your person or carried with you will help you stay grounded this time around and help you stand up for your beliefs and values. Wearing Turquoise and Aquamarine will support your voice of truth.


Goddess Ixchel gives you the message of healing this week. Get some rest and heal in silence. Do not get worked up about anything and just take it easy. Create a sense of calm to surround you. Being consciously aware of your mind and body will help you to stay healthy. Take up any naturopathy or Ayurvedic treatments for ailments that bother you chronically. Be outdoors and understand the power of Mother Nature in healing. Meditation, prayer, organic food and beautiful surroundings will all aid in healing you this week. 

Your Crystals This Week: Green Aventurine or Jade worn on your body will help keep ailments in check and promote healing as well. Also wearing or holding Clear Quartz during meditation will support the calmness.


Goddess Hathor wants you to recognise the magic the universe wants to share with you. But ask yourself if you are ready to receive it or are you testing yourself unnecessarily? What is it that holds you back from accepting what is rightfully yours? Grab the opportunities with both hands and make it yours. There is nothing that should be kept away from you. But you are fearful of too much of a good thing. Relax and let go of your worries. What is coming to you is actually what is meant for you. It wouldn’t show up if it weren’t. It’s that simple. So, all you need to do is say a word of gratitude to the universe and accept the gifts being offered to you, very gracefully.

Your Crystals This Week: Holding a Selenite wand or disc during your times of doubt will cleanse your mind space. Keep a Carnelian close to you to give you the confidence in yourself, which you need.


Goddess Eireen assures you that all is well. Things are falling in place. Though the progress may seem a little slow, it is happening for sure. The surroundings at home feel more in sync now and the elders and young members of the family are doing better than before. You need to trust that even things that seem out of balance for now will heal in a short time. This week, the energies are all about acceptance of the condition matters are in and to not give up hope. These seven days, pay heed to your inner instinct to create peace. Do not get involved in unnecessary arguments and do not get triggered by words that sound unfair. Don’t take people’s comments personally.

Your Crystals This Week: Blue Chalcedony and Blue Lace Agate will help calm your nerves and accept matters for what they are without being judgmental.


Goddess Lakshmi is smiling her beatific smile just for you this week. Feel blessed as she assures you that all is well. The money matters that have been nagging you for the last few weeks will be ending soon. All issues related to money borrowed or lent will come to a close soon. Some ill-advised investments that have been made in the distant past in shares or property will have to be foreclosed with whatever returns come to you and maybe even some sort of a small loss, but take that in your stride. Feel happy that money is in your home for this week, so save what you want, but don’t overspend just because its there.

Your Crystals This Week: Pyrite is a good stone to keep in your money box this week. It invites more wealth energy and helps you retain it as well, safely.


Goddess Mawu is the Goddess of earth energies. This week, follow her advice of working with grounding your energies. Restlessness, being hyper active and getting overwhelmed with situations are signs of letting the energies go haywire. This week, focus on bringing balance to your life. Don’t do things that agitate you. Stay away from people whose energies annoy you and also stay away from crowded places.  Follow your instincts about who you want be with and whom you are better off without. Watching your tone might be also beneficial and help you stay grounded. Doing some sort of social work and charity, working with the underprivileged or people needing medical care, will help you accrue good karma and also connect with your true good nature. 

Your Crystals This Week: Black Tourmaline, Onyx and Garnet can all add to the good energies of your spirit and you will feel grounded when you hold these for regular periods of time and maybe even carry them in your pocket.  


Goddess Mary Magdalene wants you to experience compassion this week. You must look at your philanthropic side and give your time and energy to those who you normally wouldn’t have time for. Share your wealth, love and joys with those who would appreciate it a lot more than fake friends. Do not be harsh on yourself for mistakes made or hurt caused to dear ones in the recent past. Have the humility to ask for forgiveness and move on. Feel generous in more ways than one and also show some love to yourself. Do things for yourself which you normally don’t. Buy some goodies that bring a smile to your face. This week, remember that sharing is caring.   

Your Crystals This Week: Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal for you to show love by giving it as a peace offering to someone you wish to heal relationships with. You may wish to wear it yourself also to feel self-love.


Goddess Sekhmet wants you to stand tall and feel strong for the next seven days. The real reason for things not falling into place in various areas of your life is the fact that you are allowing your fears to take over your mind. Remember you are the master of your life and not the other way around. So believe that the power lies with you and take charge. On the flip side, be warned that if you have been arrogant with your teammates and close ones, then you need to watch yourself a little more carefully. The need to be always right will not be taken very kindly by many. Be strong for yourself but not at the cost of showing others down.  

Your Crystals This Week: Feel the gentle yet firm energies of Smoky Quartz work for you this week. It would be best to wear it but can be kept close as well.


Goddess Sige welcomes you to the space of calm and inner quietude. There is a silence within you are seeking but feel that the world around is distracting you too much. This week, find that sanctum sanctorum within you. Take time out for self. Go on a silent sojourn within. So, even while you are in the madhouse, just let people know that you want your time for yourself. Maybe, you can actually walk around with a sticker on your shirt that says, ‘I am in silence’. I am serious. Try it! You need a break from the cacophony of the world and its people. Those who love you and know you well enough won’t mind you taking time off for self. Spend time in meditation, sleep a little more and overall just be like an old wise soul who knows it all but would rather keep quiet.

Your Crystals This Week: Nothing but a gentle, soothing Amethyst will do for you. Keep it on your forehead to go into deep state of meditation. Also find a pale Aquamarine to wear at your throat so you calm the energies that have otherwise been jarred with too much talking.



Goddess Damara watches over you this week as if you were a small child. Looking after every need that you have been ignoring for a while. So, support the universe by also being kind to self. Handle yourself with kid gloves. If you are in a sensitive frame of mind, you can sulk and ask for someone to look after you. Feel pampered by those around you and if you like, actually pamper yourself. Remember to be childlike and don’t feel guilty for having fun this week. You may also show your naughty side to those around you and actually get away with it. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Just breathe and be who you want to be. After all, everyone loves a happy child!

Your Crystals This Week: Feel loved with the sweet energy of a Moonstone and a Rainbow Opal. Feel connected to your inner child as you sleep holding them or keep them under your pillow.


Featured photograph: Tarun Vishwa