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Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigate the last week of January

By Ashtar Tashi  January 28th, 2019

Wondering what the stars have in store for you? On January 25, Mars will trine with Jupiter, blessing your actions with some good luck. Dreams are given the opportunity to become a reality on the 31st and moving forward in the first week of February, you shall understand the need to honour your time, limitations and needs. Similarly, you will be expected to respect the same for others.

Your weekly horoscope is here.


Goddess Mother Mary is lending support to you this week by embracing you as you have been working hard since last week. The focused intent towards your target will bear results this week. So it would be wise to keep your hopes high and continue to pay attention to miracles that will happen. Patience is a virtue you should make the most of now. Be in the moment. Don’t get restless if things are taking a little longer then normal. The best of things take time to show up and you shall enjoy them the most when they finally do.

Crystals that will balance you this week: Clear Quartz is a stone of manifestation, so keeping that close will help create the space in your life, for what you are waiting to achieve.


Goddess Butterfly Maiden encourages you to transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Transformations are not easy and will always bring to the surface, many emotions and feelings that you may have forgotten about. Work on your dreams and know that you cannot achieve what you want if you are not ready for what is yet to come. Your passion has fuelled the desire to make the shift and all you have to do now is to charge forward. Do not fear the change. Instead, look forward to it. It shall bring a new dimension, a new layer of experiences into your life.

Crystals that will balance you this week:  Blue Flourite and Amethyst will support your focus and attention to detail and also help you with the transformation process.


Goddess Bast pushes you to stand on your own feet this week. Last week’s energy of Aphrodite coupled with the full moon magic made you see the special qualities you possess. This week, follow your instincts and trust that you have the powers to stand up and make yours, whatever it is that you desire. Being independent in word, thought and spirit shall make you feel confident of your decisions and remove all doubt about yourself. Take a few steps forward and don’t wait for approvals from others. You will be made to do your work yourself so get ready to learn the unknown and walk in the direction you are being pulled toward. Keep your eyes on the goal and don’t look back.

Crystals that will balance you this week: Carnelian and Ametrine (a stone with a beautiful mix of amethyst and citrine) are the crystals that will help you with your goals this week.


Goddess Diana seeks to show your goals this time around. Guided by Ishtar to draw your boundaries last week, hopefully you have understood your own importance and realised how essential it is to do what you need to do for yourself. This week, Diana is asking you to pay attention to your long-term goals and not feel intimidated by the tasks that you need to complete. If you remain in full focus, you will manage to complete what you started. It is imperative for you to realise the importance of commitment and fulfill your responsibilities.

Crystals that will balance you this week: Jade and Serpentine are your perfect allies for this week. They will support your intent of focus and hard work. 


Goddess Cordelia (Reversed) wants to remind you that your physical health and mind space should be given importance this week. The fact that it’s a card appearing reversed actually means that there is a block in this area. Which means that you are ignoring the fact that you need to step out into fresh zones and change your mind set. Choose outdoor activities and allow nature and its heightened energies to impact your moods. Don’t stay indoors to sulk and brood. Stepping out of the home and office and also thinking out of the box, are both advised for you, so you may leave your safety net and explore new avenues.

Crystals that will balance you this week: Green Aventurine and black tourmaline will help you remain grounded and yet explore your other side.


Goddess Aine has brought you right to the point from where you take a huge leap of faith and that one big step beyond your expectations. There are walls to be broken down and doors to be opened for you to reach out to new spaces. Rely on your networking skills and be resilient. Failure in the past doesn’t mean that you will fail now. What if you reach a better place this time around? Do what you must and trust that the universe will hold you when you are most fearful of falling.

Crystals that will balance you this week: Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli shall keep your visions broadened and give you the courage when you need it the most.


Goddess Artemis seeks to assure you of her presence in your life this week by showing care and protection for all. Your tasks shall be completed the way you want them to be. All those around you support you at this time and you will feel loved and cared for. Bask in the attention coming your way.  Reach out to those who are on your mind and make them feel special. Your loved ones and people you care about are also well looked after at this time so do not worry about their well-being. Be in gratitude for everyone’s security and safety including yours.

Crystals that will balance you this week: The soft and loving energy of Rose Quartz shall make you feel worthy this week of all the love you are receiving and also enhance the energy of protection from universal energies all around you.


Goddess Kali wants you to break patterns and do things differently this week. Your lazy or lackadaisical approach to matters at work, study or anything else that is important needs to be changed completely right now. Think of the long-term scenario and take steps to improve your future. Sitting back and waiting for things to happen is not going to help at this stage. Get into action and remove all that isn’t helping you grow. Replace that with a new spurt of energy, hard work, and determination as you march ahead towards better results.

Crystals that will balance you this week: Flourite will give you the focus you need this week to stay on track and Clear Quartz will help you manifest great results when you work for them. 


Goddess Yemanya is trying to catch your attention. She points you towards open doors and wants you to clear your vision to see them. Once you notice the open doors you will be able to walk through them. So look around this week. See what opportunities you can avail of and then make full use of that which you become aware of. Share ideas that come to you so you can make them happen. Do exciting things that will make you feel charged. Make this week about dream fulfillment.

Crystals that will balance you this week: Make magic happen with Lodolite that shows you landscapes and visions. Carnelian will give you the energy to take action.


Goddess Mawu grounds you at this point for you to realize how far you have come and how much further you need to go. Look at the distances you have covered in life and make realistic plans for the future. This week,  the challenge is not as much about how to make new things happen for yourself, but rather how to pick up old threads and continue from where you left off. Tie up loose ends and look at finishing the odd jobs you have been putting off, so you can make room for fresh plans to be made in the near future. This holds true for issues related to your work and personal life.

Crystals that will balance you this week:  Black Onyx, Amethyst and Carnelian all support your energies to complete left over tasks and stay grounded. 


Goddess Nemetona (Reversed) means that your faith needs strengthening. You may have been feeling a little out of touch with reality and like you are lacking confidence. Pay attention to the space from where your faith emerges. Seek answers to your prayers through meditation and by communicating with your inner divine consciousness. Every time a question arises, ask yourself what your soul needs and do just that. Heighten your intuitive abilities by trusting your instincts and allow yourself to remove doubt about results. Believe that there is a higher power that shall guide you to better places, if you wish to seek help. 

Crystals that will balance you this week: Moonstone and Cavansite connect you to a deeper state of calmness and bring you closer to the divine realm and experience its powers.


Goddess Lakshmi (Reversed) is letting you know that your money woes will be sorted if you change the way you are feeling about them. The reversed position of the card gives the impression that you have been feeling fearful of losses and this can make matters worse where your finances are concerned. Make sound decisions regarding wealth. This is the time to be aware of what your money can do for you and then go ahead with clarity to take steps to make your financial position stable.

Crystals that will balance you this week:  Citrine is the crystal that when kept close will keep money from being wasted. Also Herkimer’s Diamond will help make more money by taking calculated risks.