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Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigate the fourth week of December

By Ashtar Tashi  December 21st, 2018

This week, focus on your life and soul purpose to understand your strengths and challenges and you shall revive your true spirit to its highest potential. Curate within you a genuine feeling of compassion and trust for the world around you and you shall experience harmony in all things that matter. Don’t resist the transformations that shall occur due to this shift in your consciousness. This flow will help you create a new reality for you in 2019. 
Read on to find out what your horoscope holds for you.

Your December horoscope is here:


Goddess Ixchel is the Goddess of Healing. She is the medicine woman and urges you to let go of all ill thoughts. Your negativity is creating dis-ease within your body and this week is the best time to heal. If you have been suffering from any illness, understand it as a clearing up of your system and allow the healing to take place. Make your intent to make this the time to heal all aspects of self. Ixchel guides you to the right healing therapies best for you. But what she needs from you is your opening up to this process and bringing a closure to all that you have left unattended for the longest time. This is the time to accept that you are suffering and then take action to invite complete healing into our life. 


Goddess Sulis, the beautiful gentle goddess of water bodiesis embracing Geminis in her gentle care this week. She wishes you to cleanse yourself thoroughly in the energies of water. Try and spend more time in water. Swim in the seas, lakes and pools of water to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. She will guide you as you take the opportunity to call on her while meditating in water. Therapies involving water shall calm your mind and ease the pain in your heart. Sulis also wishes you to see where have you allowed blocks to get created in your life. All phases of life have to be dealt with gently, as if washing away the debris that may have collected through the year. This week, pay attention to hurtful experiences and very gently clear them, as you would wash a small gentle bird or a baby. Your heart and soul are delicate and you need to realise that about yourself. Go with the flow and don’t allow anything to settle and create more pain for you.


Goddess Rhiannon blesses you with opportunities galore and promises you a windfall of good chances of great success. But guess what’s the fine print? You have to do the hard work to get it all right. You are the master of your destiny this week and will be granted wish fulfillment when you choose to make all your dreams a reality. This week, you are blessed with the Midas Touch. Trust your abilities to make the most of your talents and abilities. Reach out to the grab the resources the universe sends out for you in a myriad of ways and recognise the potential all of them hold for your future successes. You have the magic coming up this week for you to manifest all that you need to make life better in every way. Do it right. Do not fear anything and support your dreams and desires. You have the power.


Goddess Coventina is asking you to bring all your attention to inner cleansing and purification. This includes your patterns of thoughts, words and actions. The matters that bog you down need to be let go. Purify all that needs cleansing within you and outside of you. Give up addictions of all sorts. Depressing thoughts and mental anxiety born out of self-victimisation is a bad addiction too. Pay attention to the whys and hows of your weak behavior in all relationships and detox your mind and behave sans insecurities. I keep repeating this statement and am being urged to repeat this one more time: “You are the most important person in your life”, and this week you need to remember that and know and believe this truth strongly. Detox of your mind space will help immensely in making you a stronger healthier being.


Goddess Isolt reminds you that you are loved. Any relationships that may have soured in this year will have to be looked at with a new perspective this week. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. You have learnt some precious lessons that have made you grow into a happier, more sensible person. Let go of the hurt and pain that you have allowed to be collected in your heart and spirit. This is the week when you forgive your loved ones and make amends. Reach out to those who surround you and communicate your true feelings to them. Even if it may seem difficult at first, it is the best thing for you to do. It will give you respite from pent up anger and actually make you feel lighter. Remember: the ones who hurt you the most and pose the greatest challenges in your life are your best friends at the soul level who wish for you to evolve and emerge stronger. You only need to recognise this as your ultimate truth.


Goddess Sarasvati is the Goddess of Creativity. Become aware of your creative abilities and use them to the fullest. Explore those aspects of your personality, which have been ignored by you till now. Find your hidden talents by trying out different activities that interest you but haven’t found time for them in a long time. Besides this, take full responsibility for all your actions and look for solutions of a creative nature. Change your mindset to looking at problems in a new light and solving them with a different approach. Something that you would normally not do. This is the time to refresh your mind and spirit. Pick up a new hobby or revive an old one. Something that makes you feel special and good about yourself. Meet people who make you feel joyous and avoid those with a restrictive or negative approach to life. Use this time to find your inner child happiness and make the most of all that life has to offer.


Goddess Isis takes the opportunity this week to help you deal with your insecurities of the past that have immersed you into a state of no feeling worthy of self. That could feel like a huge challenge honestly but it’s a blessing in disguise. In the last week of the year, you are actually lucky to allow the feelings of past insecurities surface. Done in awareness, this is a great experience for contemplation leading to healing that’s long overdue. Sit in silence, work with your fears and talk to them. Ask yourself what you have learnt from all your negative thoughts and how you wish to not repeat them in the coming new year. Now, you can promise yourself to become stronger and not repeat the same mistakes. Get ready for new beginnings. Fearlessly and with absolute conscious awareness.


Goddess of Inner Silence wants you to allow the energy of quiet times to surface within your mind body and spirit this week. Take time out to help yourself by being in absolute silence. Stay away from loud energies of people and the environment. Surround yourself with quietude of the mind to feel how you have evolved and wish to lead your life in the coming year. Become aware of all experiences and your learning. Do not be harsh on yourself for the mistakes made but instead pat yourself on the back, knowing that you have worked hard to come this far. Silence is golden and make your golden hours count.


Goddess Dana is the High Priestess who assures you of the gift of divine knowledge that you are blessed with. This year’s experiences have brought forth immense wisdom to you and now is the time to cash in on it. You may do this not only by bringing to life all your new ideas that have emerged from your learnings but also look at the prospect of sharing the same with those who you meet in your day-to-day life. Especially those who you know need help and sensible advice from someone wise like yourself. Don’t worry of not being accepted because you will be respected and the counsel will be appreciated. This week is the time for you to recognise that you are special in more ways than one and what better way to make use of your gifts than by sharing with others?


Goddess Oonagh tells you that all is well and all you need is to accept this truth with gratitude. All that has happened has been for a reason and you don’t need to brood over what hasn’t gone according to your plan. Life reveals itself slowly to you and you need to stop rushing through all that has to happen. Take it easy and go with the flow. The changes you wish to create for yourself will appear at the right time when they are meant to. Your wish to push forward may just backfire and slow things down further for you. Accept what is and live life to its fullest. Easy does it.


Goddess Yemanya, the goddess of golden opportunities beckons you to new horizons. She wants you to open up your eyes and ears in this last week of the year, to recognise what is meant to give you more joy and abundance of all kind. Look intently at the year gone by and understand what opportunities you may have missed in all areas of your life. This week, touch base with them again. Revive old friendships and old contacts to make a change that you should have done earlier. But nothing is lost yet. Use this week to do all that you could have done earlier. You needn’t panic. The universe gives Cancerians another chance at living life but now with a new plan in mind. If there are new activities you wish to accomplish in the coming year, this week would be a good time to sow the seeds of that which you shall harvest in the coming new year. Keep the faith in your abilities and the universal plan for your highest good.


Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Inner Wisdom, surrounds you with her innate sense of intuition, which is your innate gift. You may not be aware of it and may have lived the whole year through without realising what powers you have. So this week, trust your gut in any activity you choose to pursue. Trust that all the answers lie within you and you only need to connect with your higher self to actually bring to fruition all your desires and wishes. Your higher self shall guide you to make the right decisions and allow that to happen. In every complex situation, choose to sit in silence. Bring to mind all the pros and cons of a decision to be made and you shall find the right answer to your problem. The only major key to doing this would be to trust yourself. Self-doubt is a real damager of all good intentions and that’s what you need to stay away from this week.