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#ELLEhoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

Your guide to navigate the last week of February

By Ashtar Tashi  February 22nd, 2019

The energy of the Full Moon always brings about huge shifts for human consciousness. The New Moon that will appear on the horizon early next week will bring its own magic. Make it a habit to become aware of your feelings, emotions and wellbeing in all aspects around every moon shift. Maintain a journal to understand your moods, challenges, and growth during these times, if you need to. Make the most of these opportunities and you will learn to live healthier, more balanced lives, every day.

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Goddess Coventina asks you to focus on your inner wellbeing this week. She advises you do it by reflecting upon the lifestyle habits you need to change. Perhaps looking within and actually following your instincts carefully shall help. You are an extremely sensitive and intuitive zodiac sign. You know what works best for you, so pay attention to your body and its need to heal. Follow the signs your body is giving you. Listen to its messages. Visit a doctor if you are feeling out of sorts. Let go of addictions and unhealthy habits and look for solutions that will help you recover faster from long-term ailments. Seek professional advice and do all it takes, to cleanse and detox your body.


Goddess Kali shakes you up to wake you up after the full moon starts to wane this week. Enough of living out patterns that are easy and comfortable. Just get ready to move out of comfort zones and head out a little into doing things the tough way. If you have been extra tolerant about the way people around you have been behaving, then its time to change that too. Become a tough cookie and take a different stance. Maybe your changed approach will now help others also wake up and smell the coffee. It’s time to take control and make some conscious decisions. Even if they seem hard-hitting at first, in the long run, they will be for the highest good of all concerned.


Goddess Oonagh wants you to curl up comfortably in your summer bed with a good book and a tall glass of lemonade. How generous is the universe to you this week. The only advice for you is about taking it easy. Let bygones be bygones. Allow the pace of things to be what it is. It’s for your best. Getting worried about matters that cannot be controlled by you is a waste of time. So inhale gratitude for what is and exhale your worries of what isn’t meant for you. It’s that simple. In your free time, get busy with gentle exercises, walks in nature, cooking, reading, painting, listening to music, gardening, and finding solace in small things. That will keep you in balance this week.


Goddess Bast clearly wants to make you realise how good a leader you can be. If last week was one of trying to understand your place in the scheme of things at work or in life in general, this week is all about knowing that there is no one better than you for the job at hand. Take the relevant steps forward. Being independent and taking a stand for your viewpoints will make more sense than it has in the last few weeks. So focus on your decisions that seem relevant to you. Even if they seem like big risks at the moment, allow the long-term impact of these decisions to sink in and do what’s right. Feel your own power and keep your ears to the ground. Some basic realities will come to the fore and you will need to understand these, to make your moves.


Goddess Lakshmi invites you to her abode of goodwill and prosperity this week. This is the good energy of the full moon from last week, still percolating into the lives of Geminis. Be in gratitude to all the doors of opportunities that are opening for you. There is a lot more waiting for you. All you need to do is accept it graciously. Lakshmi fulfills your dreams of good fortunes since you have worked hard to get here. But if you wish to keep the wealth flowing, you must keep working with a positive mindset. Sitting back to just relax and enjoy will not be enough for the long haul. Aspire for more and achieve it, for the hand of divine blessings is upon you.


Goddess Aine, The Goddess of Keeping the Faith, urges you to take that leap and jump towards your next goal. Don’t let anyone or any hurdle stop you. You know deep inside what your talents and your abilities are. This week, having gotten over the deep self-enquiry in the Full Moon phase, you should now feel so ready to take the plunge. There is nothing that should deter you from achieving what you desire. Make up your mind and take the steps towards your dream. The future is bright for the natives of this sun sign, because they already have the inherent ability of leadership. Take charge for your self and release the self-doubt. Take the leap!


Goddess Rhiannon is thrilled with you this week. After spending time moping a bit during the Full Moon and feeling bogged down by those energies, its time now to rejoice. What you wish for can be yours. Be prepared for some hard work though if you want to your wishes to be fulfilled. You have the drive in you as well as the intent. Don’t allow anything to hold you back. Having the powers to manifest all that you desire is something special. And this week, that super power is all yours. Don’t waste your energies but re-align them towards completing unfinished tasks and close all loose ends to feel the magic of some great results thereafter.


Goddess Guinevere invites you to enjoy the blessings of true love this week. If you have not been expressing love and passion to your beloved, this is the week to go all out and impress them. Cards, flowers and gifts will win their heart all over again and add some much-needed fresh energy to your relationship. Speak your heart out and spend quality time together. Mend matters that have been bothering you lately in this relationship. For single Sagittarians, it’s the time to let go of your hesitancy and allow the universe to send you someone to make you feel loved and special. Go out and meet new people and make new friends. You never know which person may become more than a friend.


Goddess Sedna promises you a week of good fortunes. She says you have worked hard all along and this is the time for the universe to fill your coffers with material abundance. Have you saved enough for a rainy day? Well, if not, now you have the means to do so. Gather all the good advice from professionals in the field of money and business and follow it to make your future more secure. Any investments that you have been doubtful about will show their credibility now. Trust your instincts about wealth and enjoy freedom from money woes.


Goddess White Tara wants to make you realise how sensitive you are. Have you allowed yourself some peace of mind lately or are you just running around like a machine in overdrive? The Full Moon energies have literally swooped down on you and sapped you of all that keeps you going most of the times. Was it difficult to harness your highest positivity last week? The universe and the goddess White Tara are showing you a lot of compassion and want you to look after yourself now. Don’t get carried away by too much physical work and spend time indoors resting if you can. Stop pleasing people and do what relaxes you instead. Give up on unhealthy habits and stay away from those you drag you down. Keep your spirits up through mindfulness, meditations, healthy eating and the like.


Goddess Sige is giving similar message to natives of this sun sign like White Tara has given Capricorns. You are the givers and this week, give to your own self. Spend time being kind towards your needs. Heal your heart and mind by being in silence and prayer. Meditate as much as you can and do not feel guilty for tasks left incomplete. Everything can wait this week; you need some pampering and care. Go out for walks or even a retreat. Eat healthy and allow others to look after you. Do things that make your heart smile.


Goddess Green Tara nudges you forward to ask for help. You sure know how to work hard and perhaps the full moon also made you struggle a little bit extra. You were pushed to work that much harder. Last week may have been a little tough but this week, the pressure eases off. The Goddess wants you to now feel free to ask for help. Seek advice from those you trust in your circles and also be willing to share the workload. It’s imperative to understand that the whole world cannot rest on your shoulders. Letting go of what you can’t handle will not only ease the unnecessary pressure but also relieve unwanted stress. You should show some respect to yourself this week by looking after your needs first.