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5 statement bags Deepika Padukone is crushing on

You know it's true love when it has 'Hèrmes' stamped on the front in luxe leather

By Hasina Khatib  March 30th, 2017

Long before Ranveer Singh showed up on the scene, Deepika Padukone’s quota of arm candy was full, courtesy the Fashion Week worthy lineup of bags that masquerades as her closet. From the classic Chanel totes to the statement Hèrmes Birkins, these are the bags that give Deepika good (looking) company. 

Nothing quite says airport-ready as a statement brown tote, and on that, the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour delivers. Not one to play it safe with classic blacks, Deepika picked out a brown version of the handbag for herself to keep the pastels in her wardrobe company. Get yours here.

You know you’ve arrived when you have a Hèrmes Birkin casually slung on your arm like it’s no big deal. Considering that Deepika’s stardom has been years in the making, her tan Birkin friend dates back to when she and Sid Mallya were a thing.

When in doubt, look to Chanel for answers. Or stuff your problems in them; the Chanel Large Deauville tote bag’s generous proportions have got Deepika covered. From lazy athleisure outings at the airport to biker chic leather ensembles, this dove grey tote is as much a part of her as those enviable dimples. 

From pajamas to jumpsuits, Deepika has found a versatile companion in the Céline Phantom tote in Croc Skin Black. And you thought she needed Ranveer as arm candy. 

We had Deepika pegged as another Chanel fiend too, until she introduced her wardrobe to the striped goodness of Gucci Dionysus. Along with the signature tiger head spur clasp, this Gucci bag brings some colour-blocked fun to the party. If you like what you see, click here to take this baby home.