Deepika Padukone just proved you’re never too old to twin with your sister

Deepika Padukone is arguably India’s most beloved actress. Her younger sister Anisha is a rising star on the golf circuit. And while a recent TV show revealed that the sisters were as different as chalk and cheese, even they can’t resist a #twinning moment every now and then. Deepika and her sister stepped out at the Mumbai airport earlier today, looking like they walked right off a Levi’s campaign (we imagine the execs at Levi’s HQ have all just given themselves the rest of the day off). The sisters sported identical Levi’s T-shirts, black jackets and matching Nike Cortez sneakers.

deepika padukone sister levis twinning       

While Deepika wore her jeans cut boxy and loose, Anisha showed off those golfer legs in a pair of skinnies. Padukone the younger may be new to the omnipresent paparazzi, but she’s got the oversized sunglasses and “I’m so over this” half-smile down pat. 

Now about that perfect Padukone hair…

How to colour your hair like your favourite celebrity 

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