You're going to love Deepika Padukone's new hobby Advertisement

You’re going to love Deepika Padukone’s new hobby

It's not 'setting impossible #RelationshipGoals with Ranveer'

By ELLE team  December 26th, 2016

Deepika Padukone’s ideal day may consist of her doing her accounts, yes you read that right, and cleaning her house, but those aren’t the only ways she likes to unwind.

“Cooking. I learnt how to cook when I moved to Bombay and lived on my own. I’ve started doing it more often now and I find it very therapeutic,” she confessed when quizzed about her hobbies. While she is not (yet) planning to give Gordon Ramsay any competition, but she is, self admittedly, quite the baker. “I’m more of a baker, actually. I’m very confident when it comes to desserts. My sister and I make a good team because she handles the main course and I take care of dessert. I can do cakes, cookies, brownies, nankhatai, all of it.”

Being around that much sugar might explain her high-octane workout routine