Deepika Padukone and comedian Tanmay Bhat are fighting over Ranveer Singh and it's hilarious Advertisement

Deepika Padukone and comedian Tanmay Bhat are fighting over Ranveer Singh and it’s hilarious

It's a digital tug of war

By Shweta Gandhi  August 7th, 2018

In this digital era, where privacy is almost non-existent and everyone feels like they have the right over everything, how do you lay claim on something (read: somebody) that you deem is yours? You fight for it, right? Well, that’s exactly what Deepika Padukone is doing for her beau Ranveer Singh. Not only is she fending off 13.7 million fans who leave comments like “You hot stuff” and “That body, my god, smoking hot”, but now she’s got stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhatt on the lust list too.

And if you haven’t been keeping up with Tanmay’s shenanigans, let us fill you in.

Ranveer Singh Instagram2

First there was the #MondayMotivation picture. And looking at Ranveer’s half naked body glistening with oil, we can’t blame Tanmay for writing these three words:

Ranveer Singh Instagram 7

Notice how everyone from Alia Bhatt to Sonakshi Sinha has shown their sign of approval by thankfully not hashtagging #lewk #sexy #hawt #ded. BUT WHERE IS DEEPIKA’S REACTION?

Maybe she slept through that picture. But she definitely didn’t miss his second (almost) shirtless picture, leaving behind a very non-ambiguous single word that collectively shattered all of those 13.7 million hearts, Tanmay’s included. “Mine!!!” Notice the use of three exclamations and three lovestruck emojis — matching the same number of words Tanmay previously used. It’s a cold (and well-calculated) war, guys.

Ranveer Singh Instagram1

But that didn’t deter the stand-up comedian from slyly making another move. Guess the number of words used and win the chance to comment on Ranveer Singh’s photo.

Ranveer Singh Instagram4

We can almost hear Deepika chastising Tanmay. “Don’t hit on my man, he’s *mine*!” But clearly, Tanmay can’t (and won’t) hear her.

Ranveer Singh Instagram6

We’re on #FridayFeeling now, and Tanmay’s poetic inclinations cannot hold themselves back. “All my lips can speak of is your name, lusting after you is my game” — an almost literal translation of Tanmay’s sweet poem.

Tanmay: 3 | Deepika: 1

Looking at the scoreboard, anyone (read: Deepika Padukone) would get the Monday blues. So the caring boyfriend posted a picture asking her if she did.

“Uff!!!never!!!” pat came the reply.

Ranveer Singh Instagram5

That’s three exclamation marks each, three lovestruck emojis… We think it’s time to re-adjust the scoreboard, right?

Tanmay: 3 | Deepika: 33333333333333

If you want more of Deepika and Ranveer’s PDA on Instagram:

She won't spare him either for honouring the terms of his product endorsements and being his usual irrepressible self.

And it doesn't end there. Deepika has earned her stripes as a dutiful girlfriend by calling Ranveer out on his BS.

Fortunately, Ranveer isn't one to hold a grudge. Reason #753 to ship Deepika off to an isolated island and take her place.