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The three step routine you need to follow for flawless skin

It’s backed by dermatologists

By ELLE team  September 12th, 2018

Let’s face it: with all the ingredient names and 12-step Korean beauty routines, skincare can seem a lot more complicated that it is. We’re constantly encouraged to add new products to our beauty kits. Just look up #Shelfie for proof – everyone’s morning routine consists of seven products, and that’s even before the make-up goes on.  That’s where ITC’s new skincare brand Dermafique Cell By Cell comes in to uncomplicate your routine. Their Intelligent Skincare System, that’s backed by dermatologists and cellular biologists, requires you to rework your regimen to just three simple steps: cleanse, tone and hydrate to achieve flawless skin.

Their simplified routine is designed to work together on all skin types, and improve the health of every layer to reveal clear, luminous skin. Follow these easy steps and you’ll never have to navigate through a tricky skincare aisle again.

Dermafique Cleanser

01 Clean
We all know cleansing is the first and most essential step in skincare, and something most of us abide by on the daily. With pollution levels on the rise, our skin is constantly exposed to grime and dirt. A good cleanser is non-negotiable to do some heavy lifting and suck off impurities to prevent clogged pores, irritation and acne. Dermafique’ s cleansers form the perfect base for your routine, and also work to preserve and protect the skin’s protective barrier.

Dermafique toner

02 Tone
Toning is probably the most underrated and ignored step in your skincare regimen. But it’s perfect to enhance the efficacy of your cleanser, purify pores, reduce their appearance and maintain the pH balance of your skin- meaning there’s no inflammation, excessive dryness or overproduction of sebum. Dermafique’s toner is works hard on all skin types to improve texture and fight troublesome pigmentation.

dermafique moisturiser2


03 Hydrate
Though your skin will feel soft and supple after the first two steps, no routine is complete without a moisturiser to lock in hydration. Dermafique’s Advanced Hydration moisturiser improves water levels and restores your skin’s natural bounce.  It’s never been easier to get baby soft skin.