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These Are The Dessert Trends For 2021 As Foreseen By Five Pastry Chefs

From gourmet cookies to single-serve cakes, there's a lot to satisfy your sweet tooth this year

By Isha Mayer  February 26th, 2021

Last year saw people being super creative with their cooking and baking skills, giving rise to massive Instagram trends like Dalgonna Coffee, banana bread, lotus biscoff cakes, and hot chocolate bombs. At the same time, there was a shift towards local ingredients and healthy treats. As we’ve entered 2021, there are new dessert trends that have emerged. To find out what they are, we spoke to 5 pastry chefs to tell us what they believe will be big this year in the sweet space. Here are their thoughts.

1. Bhumika Harwani, Chef And Founder, The Pastry Journal 

Modern French Pastries and quality products without additives—Bhumika Harwani elaborates on what she thinks will be massive in 2021.

Trend #1: Modern French Patisserie

"The techniques and skills of MFP are definitely a lasting trend for years to come. Its elegant presentation and flavour pairing possibilities are unmatched. The demand for these multi-textured desserts is on the rise and is adored as the centrepiece for most occasions. Everybody wants a Pierre Hermé or Ladurée like experience in a city like Mumbai," she said.

In Photograph: Fête by Bhumika Harwani

Trend #2: High Quality And Preservative-Free Products

"The lockdown has taught more and more people to read labels and has made them choose home churned nut butter, low sugar chocolate spreads and fresh fruit jams instead of supermarket bottles," shared Bhumika while talking about the high demand for quality and preservative-free items.

In Photograph: House Made Jam and Crackers by Bhumika Harwani

2. Rachel Goenka, CEO & Founder of The Chocolate Spoon Company

Who hasn’t indulged in cakes from The Sassy Teaspoon, right? Giving her perspective, its founder, Rachel Goenka, sees two ongoing dessert trends continuing this year.

Trend #1: Piñata Cakes

"These have been on trend since 2019 and I don’t see them going out anytime soon. They’re super fun for anniversaries and birthdays and a great celebratory cake. We call our piñata cakes explosive cakes and have a range of flavors like chocolate, rainbow, mango and strawberry," Rachel told us.

In Photograph: Rainbow Explosive Cake by Rachel Goenka

Trend #2: Single-Serve Cakes

"This type of cake gained popularity in 2020 with people wanting to move away from shared meals. They are perfect for one to two people to indulge in and are super fun to put together with endless possibilities of flavours, textures and design," she said.

Photograph: Pexels

3. Vinesh Johny, Co-founder and Chef, Lavonne Academy India and Lavonne Cafe 

Known for his decadent desserts and stunning tutorials on Instagram, the founder of one of the best academies for pastry arts shared what he thinks will be trending this year.

dessert trends

Trend #1: Gourmet Cookies

"While cookies are available in all shapes, sizes, patterns, colours and flavours, they are also extremely easy to transport and store. What makes it even great is the fact that you can always bring them back home and store them for later. They also pair well with your favourite beverage, making it an anytime snack. I, therefore, think it’s time we take cookies to the next level. With all the experimenting I’ve been doing, I’m certain that gourmet cookies are surely the way forward," he said.

In Photograph: Strawberry Pistachio Cookie by Vinesh Johny

Trend #2: Sustainability

"With the focus on minimising food waste and increasing sustainability and scalability, the attention is already on ethically and locally sourced produce. Farm to table, homegrown produce, zero-waste cooking and organic kitchens are some of the trends that are picking up fast," he added.

In Photograph: Roasted Pumpkin & Banana Protein Smoothie (Source: Instagram)

Trend #3: Reinvention Of Indian Sweets

"The contrasting nature of Indian sweets versus modern pastry is what makes this combination so unique. When done right, it is an explosion of beautiful flavours, textures and colours. I can totally picture how the elegance of modern pastry can be influenced by subtle flavours and complex Indian cooking techniques," shared Vinesh.

In Photograph: Kaju Katli and Ghewar Tart by Vinesh Johny


Trend #4: To-Go Desserts

"The Covid era has sure taught us all a lot. Off the many lessons learned, we can all be certain that delivery only/cloud kitchens are here to stay. Getting the food to the customer most effectively at its right temperature and minimal damage is what’s most critical for food businesses. Therefore, I’m certain that future desserts will have to be travel-friendly and portable such that, by the time your cake travels all the way from your restaurant to your customer, it’s still in one piece with its garnish unshaken. Travel-friendly/Portable/ Mobile/To-go Desserts will soon be the buzzword," said the chef.

In Photograph: Hazelnut Caramel Bebinca by Vinesh Johny

4. Tejasvi Chandela, Founder, Cut Chocolate Cake And Dzurt Patisserie

Here’s what the chocolate maker and pastry chef had to say.

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Trend #1: Entremets And Petit Gateaux’s

"Coming from a tier two city I feel like this has just come to the list of trends that hopefully people attempt to make more. I love how layered and complex Entremets are, you can add multiple textures to it and play around with flavours. I personally like to play with familiar flavours for eg; I recently created these at Dzurt. Victorian sponge cake entremet and a chocolate & hazelnut entremet," shared the pastry chef.

In Photograph: Victorian Sponge Cake Entremet by Tejasvi Chandela

Trend #2: Chocolate Showpieces
"I love it when chocolate is combined with a wow element to give a surprise. I had created an edible chocolate coffee cup in January and the idea behind it was that it looks identical to an actual takeaway cup but inside it is the classic Tiramisu. I've called it Mochamisu and it’s currently selling like hotcakes at my patisserie, Dzurt in Jaipur. The cherry on top of the cake is that comes with an edible chocolate spoon," she told us.
In Photograph: Chocolate Coffee Cup by Tejasvi Chandela

5. Deeba Rajpal, Food Blogger, Content Creator, Food Stylist

Known for her mouth-watering Instagram feed, Deeba Rajpal, aka Passionate About Baking, tells us two trends she sees growing as a result of the lockdown.

Trend #1: Functional To Feel-Good Food

"I foresee quick, fuss-free desserts with pantry staples and healthy ingredients (with permitted indulgence if you like - dump cakes, brownie fudge pudding,  granola trifles, panna cotta, whole grain bakes) to be on the rise. Basically, desserts with a feel-good factor whether homemade or store-bought that consist of protein, no refined sugar, whole grains, good fats, nuts, fruits, clean ingredients. I think this was also an outcome of the lockdown where making desserts with pantry staples was the way to find comfort. It's a great way to learn what goes into what you eat, and how you have control over ingredients, portions and the quality of what you eat," says Deeba.

In Photograph: Walnut Butter Cranberry Truffles by Deeba Rajpal

Trend #2: Visually Appealing, Instagrammable Desserts

"With the pandemic and lockdowns in place, so many turned to creating desserts at home that taste as good as they look. Practice made one perfect and being able to spend time doing fun things at home with family is always motivational. When you can have your cake and eat it too, how better can life be!" she added.

In Photograph: Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake by Deeba Rajpal