These Are The Dessert Trends For 2021 As Foreseen By Five Pastry Chefs

Last year saw people being super creative with their cooking and baking skills, giving rise to massive Instagram trends like Dalgonna Coffee, banana bread, lotus biscoff cakes, and hot chocolate bombs. At the same time, there was a shift towards local ingredients and healthy treats. As we’ve entered 2021, there are new dessert trends that have emerged. To find out what they are, we spoke to 5 pastry chefs to tell us what they believe will be big this year in the sweet space. Here are their thoughts.

1. Bhumika Harwani, Chef And Founder, The Pastry Journal 

Modern French Pastries and quality products without additives—Bhumika Harwani elaborates on what she thinks will be massive in 2021.

2. Rachel Goenka, CEO & Founder of The Chocolate Spoon Company

Who hasn’t indulged in cakes from The Sassy Teaspoon, right? Giving her perspective, its founder, Rachel Goenka, sees two ongoing dessert trends continuing this year.

3. Vinesh Johny, Co-founder and Chef, Lavonne Academy India and Lavonne Cafe 

Known for his decadent desserts and stunning tutorials on Instagram, the founder of one of the best academies for pastry arts shared what he thinks will be trending this year.

4. Tejasvi Chandela, Founder, Cut Chocolate Cake And Dzurt Patisserie

Here’s what the chocolate maker and pastry chef had to say.

5. Deeba Rajpal, Food Blogger, Content Creator, Food Stylist

Known for her mouth-watering Instagram feed, Deeba Rajpal, aka Passionate About Baking, tells us two trends she sees growing as a result of the lockdown.

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