Celebrity fitness trend to try: Detox water

Crack open your fitness encyclopaedia, because ‘detox water’ is the newest buzzword all the cool kids are using. The health trend is, perhaps, the easiest and most convenient way to flush toxins out of the body, which explains why it’s found favour with dieticians and nutritionists around the world. ‘Detox water’ is any fruit, vegetable or herb-infused water, and typically aids hydration, weight loss and your quest for glowing skin. Dr Khyati Rupani, author of Getting Rid of Obesity and co-founder of Balance Nutrition, breaks it down.

How does detox water help?

The primary benefit is that it automatically increases your intake of water, a fact Rupani can’t stress enough. “Water seems to be a forgotten nutrient. I have clients from all over the world, and I have to tell them to consciously keep themselves hydrated by drinking adequate water. This cools and calms the body, and gives the skin a nourished, hydrated look,” she says. The fruity flavour from the infusion acts as an incentive. “The additional ingredients make the water taste different each time and bring their own sets of benefits to the table,” Rupani explains.

Helps hydrate the body

“Dehydration is linked to headaches, muscle fatigue, obesity, poor gut health and lethargy. Detox water is a healthy, tasty way to hydrate your body,” says Rupani.

Kills those sugar cravings

According to the good doctor, drinking detox water satisfies the body’s craving for sugar, which usually results in you reaching for artificially sweetened juices and soft drinks. “Aerated drinks are packed with preservatives, refined sugars, chemicals, and artificial colours. Detox water is a natural and cost-effective alternative.”

Helps improve body functions

According to Rupani, picking the right ingredients to add to your detox water (more on that coming up) could help curb appetite, stimulate the immune system, aid in weight loss and regulate blood glucose levels.

D-I-Y detox water kit

Gather together a few fruits of your choice and cut thin slices to increase the surface area exposed to the water. Add the slices to a jug or bottle of ice-cold water. Refrigerate for 4-12 hours.

Rupani has a few hacks of her own that will help you get the most out of your bottle of detox water every day.

Detox water recipes you can try at home

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