This website is connecting plasma therapy donors and Covid-19 patients

While we’re all taking precautions in our personal capacity to fight the pandemic, there’s a lot going on, on the other side. With frontline workers working day in, day out and vaccines being researched, several initiatives are popping up to help combat coronavirus. Speaking of initiatives, here’s something that caught our eye.

Dhoondh, started by two friends, Adwitiya Mal and Mukul Pahwa, is a website that matches plasma donors in New Delhi with Covid-19 patients in need. Plasma therapy uses antibodies from people who have recovered from Covid-19 to treat patients suffering from the virus. This process also helps to boost the patient’s immunity. However, in the case of coronavirus, plasma therapy is still considered an experimental treatment and is only used to treat critical patients.


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Here’s how Dhoondh’s system works: The website allows one to either donate plasma (if they have recovered from Covid-19) or also allows them to receive it. The team connects the receiver and the donor together, who then undergo various checks and criteria (which the respective hospital takes care of) before the donation is made. The aim of Dhoondh is to bring together both, receivers and donors on a single platform to facilitate help. The team currently receives 25 to 30 request a day.


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Adwitiya Mal and Mukul Pahwa launched Dhoondh in the second week of June and have dipped into their savings to set up the website. Theirs was a selfless response to combat the rise of Covid-19 cases in the capital. Here’s to many more initiatives like this.

Stay home, stay safe.

Photographs: Dhoondh (Instagram)

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