Diana Chopra, PC's pup has really come into her own Advertisement

Diana Chopra, PC’s pup has really come into her own

Someone hit paws on this rising star's career, we need to keep up

By Simone Dhondy  September 27th, 2017

Diana Chopra shot to fame after her talent was discovered in a Buzzfeed video along side former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra. Chopra, being a seasoned actress herself, immediately recognised potential in the pooch and adopted Diana as both her dog mom and manager, similar to Kris Jenner’s role with the Kardashians, but also not really. With Priyanka Chopra as her momager, Diana has been able to amass a huge Instagram following of 37.3k followers in under a year. Haters will say it’s nepotism, but really, @diariesofdiana is proof that she has really come into her own.

The New York based pup is barely a year old and is fast on her way to becoming a social media influencer (can’t wait for her lip kit). Diana has already learned the importance of natural lighting as well as not looking directly at the camera for a candid casual look. Let’s break down this pose: 

She’s squinting, but she’s also smizing. She’s in LA, so she’s ready for her close-up, but she also wants you to know the weather is good and she’ll be working on her tan. 

OMG is that Furberry? Pink plaid is all the rage. You’ve seen the plaid trend, you’ve seen the body harness, but a pink plaid body harness? Groundbreaking. 


Diana’s airport style is ridiculous. The New York post can’t handle it. So grateful to whomever tipped off the pupper-azzi.

Pout for the camera. The camera loves you. Who is your nail lady? LOVE her work.

Her accessories are ridiculous. Who is her couturier? Whom do we contact for a cover shoot? Why is no one answering these questions?

Apparently Emilio Poochi sent Diana that bag as a congratulatory present for signing with IMG Models.

This video of her at dance practice is rumoured to be for her debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next period drama as the female lead. Is it true? Is it totally fabricated by us just now? Who knows?

Mommy and me… #CandidMomentswithPC @priyankachopra

A post shared by Diana Chopra (@diariesofdiana) on Dec 26, 2016 at 3:12am PST

People will say you’re a bitch because that’s what female dogs are called, but you keep doing you, gurl.