How to get glowing skin like Diana Penty

Diana Penty has an instantly likeable quality. The 29-year-old actor and model laughs easily, isn’t afraid to make fun of herself and admits flaws readily. And as she describes her beauty routine through various modelling assignments and a packed filming schedule, what is clear is that, to her, less really is more. Here’s how the face of TRESemmé stays looking so damn beautiful.

ELLE: What’s your beauty routine?

Diana Penty: I don’t follow a fixed routine, but I wash my hair three times a week and always, always condition it. The TRESemmé Ionic shampoo is quite mild so it’s a good one to use quite often. And for my face, I use a very light facewash twice a day with a moisturiser and sunscreen, whenever I can remember to do that.

ELLE: What is the one piece of make-up advice you’d give someone?

DP: Wear less foundation. I really hate it but if I absolutely must, I use it very sparingly. I like seeing the texture of skin through the make-up. In fact, I feel my prettiest when I wake up in the morning, after I’ve had a really good rest.

ELLE: What’s your go-to hair fix?

DP: The TRESemmé Ionic Strength conditioner. I think we take conditioner for granted, but when you use it you realise what a big difference it makes to your hair. 

ELLE: What is your earliest beauty memory?

DP: The spring scent of Gucci Envy. I remember my father bought it for my mum on one of his trips abroad. She always dresses really well and takes trouble to put things together. I’d watch her get ready and always ask to put on a little myself.

ELLE: If beauty were a place, where would it be?

DP: Ladakh. I’ve never been there but I’m dying to go. I’ve recently gotten into travel photography and it seems like one of those places that is instantly inspiring. It’s stark and edgy and stunning and mesmerising. Beauty to me is exactly that.

ELLE: What’s in your make-up kit?

DP: The YSL brown eye pencil and an eyelash curler, for sure. I think my eyes are my strong point and if I don’t have anything on, people think I’m tired. And M.A.C’s Ruby Woo lipstick. I used to only wear nude shades but I’ve started experimenting and this one’s my favourite.

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