Diana Penty’s Initiative #EveryLifeMatters Seeks To Reduce The Cost Of Covid Advertisement

Diana Penty’s Initiative #EveryLifeMatters Seeks To Reduce The Cost Of Covid

Today, if never before, we really are one

By Anavi Chander  May 19th, 2021

Today, as our country deals with the second wave of the pandemic, the common goal is to save lives. What stands as a significant roadblock is the unavailability of funds and the lack of adequate medical care. The cost of Covid is unbearable for some, both figuratively and literally. Hospitalisation and treatment upon contracting the virus require large sums of money, and in most cases, with urgency. 


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This is where crowdfunding comes in, demonstrating the power of a collective. Even a small contribution can be lifesaving. A firm believer of strength in numbers is Indian actress Diana Penty who has launched the initiative #EveryLifeMatters in association with Ketto India. Using her platforms, she aims to play an essential role in aggregating help for the cause.

Bringing to light those who need funds to support themselves or their loved ones, amplifying the work of good samaritans and Covid heroes across the country, and providing support to the people of our country is the core of the initiative. With the ability to reach a larger number, Diana hopes that the impact will also be greater. The actress urges the country to help in any way they can; nothing is too small. The only way to fight the situation is to stand together and to look out for each other.

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