Did you know your hair has its own language? Advertisement

Did you know your hair has its own language?

Run your fingers through your hair a lot? It means something

By Anjan Sachar  July 1st, 2016

How many times have you caught yourself aimlessly playing with strands of hair as soon as the mid-day slump sets in? Or approaching the hair tie when you know you need to clock in extra hours? Kérastase observed these actions and found some pretty accurate results (check out the video below), calling it a new language. January Jones, the brand’s ambassador fills us in on her relationship with her hair and what it says.

Which gestures in the hair language film do you identify with?
January Jones: “I’ve always been a nervous hair tucker–I tuck my hair behind my ear frequently when I am nervous, anxious or even excited. I often have to remind hair stylists not to leave my hair down around my face for red carpets because it will inevitably be tucked sooner or later.”

Does your hair language affect any characters you play?
JJ: “
I always try to collaborate with the hairstylist and to not let vanity stop me from a realistic interpretation (of my characters). Hair, along with make-up and costumes are a really exciting way of forming a visual idea of a character before you even say anything. It can also really help you feel like a different person already.”

Do you have a favourite or repetitive hair gesture that you sometimes catch yourself doing?
 “One thing I love is a scalp massage. I’m often massaging my head in the car in traffic. I am also growing it out so I check to see how long it is.”

How do you deal with bad hair days?
JJ: “
I will often just put it up to avoid seeing or touching it. (You could also use dry shampoo) Yes, maybe I am stunting myself by doing that but I also like to see the nape with some pieces hanging down, I feel like that can be a sign of trust. I think a lot of people feel vulnerable when their hair is up and but I find rebelliousness in throwing it up. When you feel your hair looks crappy it’s like having a big pimple or a run in your stockings, it’s hard to hide and it makes you shy because you don’t feel you are most confident. That’s just the way it has always been.”

What is your daily hair care routine?
“I try not to put a ton of heat on it when I don’t need to. I wash it and let it air dry a couple times a week. After I have washed and conditioned, I use a Kérastase serum on the length and ends. (These DIY hair masks are good enough to eat!) Like your skin, your hair benefits from vitamins, good nutrition, sleep and water!” (Try these 12 foods for a drop-dead gorgeous mane)

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