Dior’s Cruise 2022 Collection Will Transport You To Greece With A One-Way Ticket

An awe-inspiring setting. Exquisitely crafted silhouettes. And front rows. That’s all it takes to put up an extravagant sartorial affair. But Dior’s latest Cruise 2022 casted another spell. Withdrawing you profoundly from the lockdown fatigue, the show creates a wormhole of sorts that takes you to ancient yet contemporary Greece. But like everything Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri does, this wasn’t just an elaborate fashion spectacle. There was meaning imbued in everything—from the historical backdrop to the modern Greek-goddess-like silhouettes. 

For Chiuri, movement is freedom; a realisation that struck her after spending an entire year in quarantine. This yearning for movement took her to Greece, where she researched and uncovered women’s contributions throughout time. For this exploration, she weaved dialogues with Greek’s local ateliers and artisans who belonged to different places and families. Her journey and explorations eventually found their way into her Cruise 2022 collection,  which reflected the craftsmanship of Aristeidis Tzonevrakis, a local tailor and embroiderer. Known for its centuries-old silk, Silk Line was invited by Dior to weave the collection’s iconic motifs like stripes and houndstooth, using its ancestral savoir-faire.

While women’s liberation is a recurring theme in Chiuri’s work, she emphasised the movement of the female body this season. With feminine, delicate and breezy silhouettes, she lent ancient fashion a contemporary touch. Think goddess gowns cinched with functional drawstrings, glossy windbreakers with dreamy drapes, shoulder cut-outs and strapless necklines and more. Slick white trainers and chunky Nikes were the constant shoes of choice to channel the athletic nature of the Olympics.

But what really stole the show was Dior’s modern take on the peplos, a traditional robe worn by women and goddesses in ancient Greece. With a majorly white and neutral collection, the presentation will have you daydreaming of tanning at the beach, cruising in the blue waters and dancing the night away in a world that belongs to the bygone era but feels very much like today. 

Below, swipe through for a look at some of our favourite looks from the Dior Cruise 2022 collection.

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In case you missed watching the show, click here.

Photographs: Courtesy of Dior

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