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Dior for one

Around the world, the word ‘bespoke’ carries with it hints of the luxurious: A product or an experience that’s made to please just you. That exclusivity is precisely the idea behind Dior’s newly introduced private shopping experience for its jewelled watches.

The timepieces in question are a small collection of exclusive designs revealed each year at Baselworld, the annual jewellery and watch fair in Switzerland, from where they travel to a few select countries, for private viewing only.

The collection is aimed at women and most of the designs come heavily encrusted with diamonds (the Precieuse watch has 999 of them) with high-shine ceramic bracelets, movement and accuracy enough to please the fastidious.

Couture lovers will enjoy the Dior VIII Grand Bal collection, which recreates Dior’s original designs of veils and hems in a delicate tracery of real feathers and tiny gemstones, and those who lean toward minimalism will approve of La D de Dior watches with their elegant dials in onyx, or brilliant jade.

The experience has been designed to match the opulence of the product: luxury car pick-ups, presidential suites, massages and champagne are part of the deal and make this service by Dior as far from regular shopping as you can get.