Dior’s Glowing Gardens summer range is a treat! Advertisement

Dior’s Glowing Gardens summer range is a treat!

Expect easy-on-the-eye colours and two-in-one eye pencils

By Megha Roy  February 23rd, 2016

Dior’s summer stash, titled Glowing Gardens, is make-up genius Peter Philips’ take on spring blooms. It borrows from Christian Dior’s childhood home in Granville (France).

The new releases cover the whole spectrum: two-in-one eye pencils that colour and contour the lid, five-colour eye shadow palettes, and blush (in two subtle shades, glowing nude and floral pink). The lip colours are bolder, inspired by floral tones – coral pink, rose and fuchsia. But the nail colours are to die for! The pastel shades have rocketed to the top of our wish list. 

Creamy textures, subtle shimmer and vibrant colours combine to form a beautiful vision of spring and femininity that no one does better than Dior.

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