The 2 beauty must-haves that Disha Patani swears by Advertisement

The 2 beauty must-haves that Disha Patani swears by

The 25-year-old lets us in on her secret to body confidence

By Hasina Khatib  June 23rd, 2017

Dressed in head-to-toe white, Disha Patani couldn’t have lived up more to the vision of the angelic person who smiled down at me from her Instagram profile. Soft-spoken and demure, you’d be forgiven for thinking that she’s just another starlet enamoured by stardom. It’s only once Disha starts talking about how she combines her inner tomboy with her drive to remain in peak fitness (and still passes around some of that ample body confidence) that you realise that she’s clued into what actresses years her senior probably aren’t.

Having just wrapped up a shoot, the sunny actress helped brighten up the gloomy day outside for us while dropping her skincare and fitness secrets. Here’s what we picked up.

Don’t be afraid to go natural

“Never, ever underestimate the power of a simple DIY besan and yoghurt paste.”

Disha Patani never steps out without…

“Water to stay hydrated on the go and good sun protection. The Pond’s BB cream does the trick for me as it has SPF 30 and doubles up as a sunblock.”

Cheat on your diet, not on your skincare regimen

“As a rule, the first thing I do after returning home from a red carpet event is to take off every last inch of make-up, cleanse my face and moisturise before going to bed.”

Always, but always detox

“My work takes me to a lot of exotic locales where I end up indulging my inner foodie. Soon as I return, I immediately work it off in the gym. But only after sleeping for two days straight.” [laughs]

But more importantly, remember to show yourself some love

“We are all so active on social media where we’re constantly bombarded by amazing pictures. Don’t believe everything you see though: We all have flaws, we all have stretch marks, we all have loose skin, we all have cellulite. Just own who you are and do whatever makes you happy. If you think you are sexy, then you don’t need anyone’s validation.”