What to do when your DIY beauty remedies go wrong, according to experts

A majority of us have made major beauty mistakes–whether it’s cutting your bangs at home based on a YouTube tutorial or trying out a new skincare DIY concoction without patch testing it–there’s something low-key appealing about trying out something new. And now as we enter an unchartered territory with our own version of DIY at-home beauty experiments, it’s easy for things to go south. We turned to hairstyling wiz Rod Anker, skincare expert Paula Begoun and Sana Dhanani, the founder of White Door India salon and spa, to get the primer on how to remedy every kind of mistake. Ahead, their best-kept secrets:

Mane Mistakes

If you bleached your hair and now it’s brassy…

“One way to eradicate this is to use a toner [a product that deposits colour without lightening the hair]. This might reduce the intensity of the golden shade but it won’t remove it completely. The other option is to bleach it again. Be warned, this depends on the condition of the hair since several applications will be needed to get past this phase,” advises Delhi-based celebrity hairstylist Rod Anker.


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If you ended up with too-short bangs…

“The only way to remedy this is to soften the ends by point cutting [flip your hair upwards, angle your scissors diagonally and trim]. Cut it in the same angle that it naturally falls in,” suggests Anker.

If you attempted a DIY root touch-up and got patchy results…

“Depending on the severity, I would suggest waiting for a day or two before reapplying colour. Sometimes, grey hair does not take on the colour well, hence the need for another application. Also, check for directions on the box, since every formula is and acts differently,” he explains.

Skincare disaster management


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Acne triggered by baking soda or witch hazel skin remedies…

Be gentle! Mix oatmeal with a little water and apply it as a mask to soothe skin. Oatmeal has anti-redness properties and can absorb oil, which is great for blemish-prone skin,” suggests Paula Begoun, founder of the cult-favourite skincare brand Paula’s Choice.Unfortunately, there are no home remedies for acne. The research is clear, the best option is a product that contains 2per cent BHA (salicylic acid). It will save your skin!”

Retinol for first-timers…

For some people, using potent ingredients may create some initial irritation, especially if you don’t allow your skin time to get used to it. Start by applying it once every two days and see how your skin responds. You can then try every other day and work up to every day. You’ll need to experiment to see what works for you,” she recommends.

Avoid over-exfoliation…

“For a bit of extra cleansing at the end of the day, use a gentle water-soluble cleanser with a soft washcloth in circular motions to cleanse and lightly buff skin,” she says.

Nail fail


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If you peeled off your gel manicure…

“First, gently buff your nails to even out the surface. Then, skip polish for a few weeks to allow your nails to breathe and keep them short until they recover,” says Sana Dhanani, founder of White Door India salons. “At this time, your nails are delicate and prone to breakage so save yourself the heartbreak by clipping them routinely.” It is essential to hydrate your nails with a cuticle cream or olive oil, and keep brittleness at bay. “Use a nail strengthener like the OPI Natural one to add a bit of shine to your nails and also protect them.”

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