Dot & Key’s new Hydration Range is going to be your saviour this summer Advertisement

Dot & Key’s new Hydration Range is going to be your saviour this summer

Dehydrated skin is going to be a thing of the past

By ELLE team  March 13th, 2020

If dryness is a concern that’s been plaguing your skin, you’re going be thrilled to hear what Dot & Key has in store for you. The innovative, no nasties, new kid on the block is changing up the skincare game all over again, with its new range of hydrating products. Simple, fuss-free yet effective, the brand has launched three new products in this range that will provide just the right amount of hydration with ingredients that you cannot miss. 

From the brand that brought us chlorine protection sprays, transparent sunscreen for the hair, a hand cream that doubles as a sanitiser, and more—meet the Hydration Range, which includes a hyaluronic acid powered serum, an under-eye overnight gel mask, and a water sleeping mask. Their unique formula also includes an infusion of chamomile, acai berries, Bulgarian roses and more. If you haven’t fallen in love already, let’s take a closer look at what the range has to offer. 

Meet the new hydration superstars: 

Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum:
The name speaks for itself. This is a Hyaluronic acid powered serum that provides intense skin hydration. While making sure your skin never gets thirsty again, it also claims to protect it against environmental aggressors. Vitamin C derived from acai berries, and the soothing smell of Bulgarian roses makes this a heavenly formulation for all your senses. 
Shop: Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum Price: INR 895

Shadow Minimizing Eye Sleeping Mask:
You’re not alone if your daily routine has you compromising on sleep and waking up to puffy, tired looking eyes, with baggage heavier than our exes. But Dot & Key has come up with the gentlest cure for that. Charged with the range’s superstar ingredient - Hyaluronic Acid - along with caffeine, chamomile, and Bulgarian rose, simply lather on a generous amount before bed, to wake up to visibly perkier peepers. 
Shop: Shadow Minimizing Eye Sleeping Mask Price: INR 895

Skin Plumping Water Sleeping Mask:
Last but most definitely not the least and definitely the crowd favourite from the group, Dot & Key’s Water Sleeping Mask has already won hearts all over by becoming one of their bestsellers. Formulated with Hyaluronic acid, cucumber, chamomile and more, it works overnight to have you waking up to plumper, softer, and more rejuvenated skin. 
Shop: Skin Plumping Water Sleeping Mask Price: INR 645