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The celebrity guide to wearing double-sided tape

Double-sided tape: Preventing malfunctions since God-knows-when A.D.

By Hasina Khatib  March 29th, 2017

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that plunging necklines and paparazzi don’t go well. As smartphones with high-powered cameras increasingly empower new-age voyeurism, celebrities and their stylists are launching a counterstrike with a styling trick as old as Adam and Eve: the humble double-sided tape.

If you’re looking for proof, just ask Sonam Kapoor who had a recent brush with red carpet infamy, thanks to her Rasario jumpsuit. While the tape couldn’t fix the narrow-mindedness of the coverage that followed, it did help her get through the evening without rushed touch-ups and breaks to ensure that all was where it should be.  

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How do I use it?

Gently snip out the minimal amount required and tape the fabric to your skin. Deepika Padukone’s stylist Shaleena Nathani advises a word of caution though. “Double-sided tape works best on lighter fabrics; it may not have the same retaining power on heavy, embellished fabrics which weigh it down.”

What all can I use it for?

Kangana Ranaut and Alia Bhatt’s go-to stylist Ami Patel falls back on it as the last finishing touch to cement everything from deep V-necks to thigh-high slits. “A lot of people don’t realise, but it’s also extremely handy to keep chunky jewellery in place,” she adds. You can also use it to prevent sudden flashes of skin between the buttons of a formal shirt. In a pinch, it can work as a stand-in for a broken button or a patchy hemline.

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Does it hurt?

The average over-the-counter double-sided tape doesn’t involve the same bloodbath as ripping off a band-aid, so breathe easy. However, Kim Kardashian’s gaffer tape trick is not to be taken on face value. The reality TV star went viral when she disclosed that she covers her skin with gaffer tape as a makeshift off-shoulder bra for max cleavage. “Not only is it extremely uncomfortable to wear for the duration of a party, but it can peel off layers of your skin while taking it off,” cautions Nathani.

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When should I use it?

“It depends on the plunge,” reasons Patel. “If your neckline falls just below the cleavage, you can easily find a bra that’ll provide just as much support. If your neckline is slashed all the way till the navel or your gown has some risqué cutouts, it’s always better to get someone to tape you in to ensure that you aren’t missing any spots,” she elaborates.

While double-sided tape is available easily at every corner drugstore, Patel’s handy new discovery is Fevicol Glue Drops. “It comes in tiny strips that are extremely convenient for using on the go. The adhesive’s retaining strength is pretty impressive for its size, and it’s gentle on the skin leaving virtually no marks behind,” she raves.

Still in two minds about whether to bring out that risqué LBD that has been stashed in your closet for the past two years? “As a rule of thumb, just ensure that the dress is super-fitted and doesn’t have any lags to avoid sudden malfunction scares. That’s half the job done already,” advises Patel.