Deepika & Shraddha have made wearing dresses over pants a thing

Maybe your legs just aren’t having a good day or maybe your cute little sheath dress isn’t very office-appropriate. Either way, this new trend is going to come in like a chilled mimosa on a sultry afternoon: Dresses over pants are a thing, and your trusty jeans can now accompany you everywhere; praise be.

Deepika Padukone dug into her bag of tricks for a recent dash across the airport, and pulled out a perfectly proportionate maxi-and-denims look. Anushka Sharma followed suit with layers for the night, while Shraddha Kapoor threw on a pair of knee-high boots for instant glam.

How do you get it right without looking like you’re drowning under all the layers? Here’s a visual guide to how Bollywood’s best have been acing this tricky trend.

Deepika, Anushka and more nail the dress-over-pants trend

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