Dry body brushing could banish cellulite and improve your immune system Advertisement

Dry body brushing could banish cellulite and improve your immune system

Supermodel-esque limbs are within touching distance

By Jacqueline Kilikita  July 30th, 2018

Let’s get one thing straight: detox diets and body lotions aimed at banishing cellulite almost definitely won’t actually banish cellulite. And that’s not just our opinion, the dermatologists are with us as well. But before you lose all hope of trying to achieve supermodel-esque limbs before whipping on your playsuit, there is something that can help — dry body brushing.

A regular dry scrub using a brush over the thighs and bum is proven to do more to erase dimples and tone any wobbly bits than the hundreds of lotions, potions and creams that flood the beauty sphere daily. And diminishing cellulite isn’t the only amazing thing the humble bristle brush can do – it has amazing benefits for your overall health and well-being of your body, too.

“Luminous skin sends a message of health and vitality,” says Katie Neal, body and skincare expert at Mio, “and the secret to vibrant, dewy skin lies in your commitment to caring for it. Body brushing can also improve the immune system and increase energy, which is why it should be a staple in every beauty regime.”

It's a great Way To Exfoliate Without Using Scrubs

With micro-beads banned for good, body scrubs have turned to other exfoliants to slough away dead skin. But for a lot of people with sensitive skin, alternatives like crushed walnut shell or apricot kernels can be pretty skin-ravaging. Er, ouch.

Enter dry body brushing.

'As we grow older, our skin becomes less efficient at shedding layers of dead skin cells," says Mio's Katie, 'but dry body brushing is fantastic at exfoliating these dead skin cells away.'

That's not all, though, because regular exfoliation primes your skin to absorb the ingredients from body creams and serums much more effectively, which means you get a lot more bang for your buck in the long-run.

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