Dubsmash is so 2000-and-late! Coco Rocha reveals her new favourite app Advertisement

Dubsmash is so 2000-and-late! Coco Rocha reveals her new favourite app

We caught up with the supermodel

By Sonam Savlani  May 26th, 2016

Like millions on the interwebs, we’ve followed Coco Rocha’s hilarious Snapchats. Religiously liked all posts on her toddler’s – but really Rocha’s own – account. The supermodel and “queen of pose” was in India for World Whisky Day, fulfilling her duties as the Global Brand Ambassador of the #LoveScotch campaign by USL Diageo. Because at the end of a long week, there’s nothing Rocha loves more than “a good scotch and ginger ale”. Also, the New Yorker happily recommends Highlands for “it’s amazing selection of Scotch” and mean drinks. We caught up with her:

ELLE: We love following you and your daughter, Ioni Conran, on Instagram. Whose idea was it to give her her own Instagram account?
Coco Rocha: Firstly, like any new parent I wanted a place where I could post cute pictures of my daughter for friends and family to see. I also wanted to control what pictures of Ioni were out there. The paparazzi can be very aggressive about taking pictures of young children, but if I’m already posting images I get to control the narrative and get rid of that issue of supply and demand. 

ELLE: Tell us about your label Co+Co – what were some of the things you set out to do differently given that you’d spent 10 years in fashion.
Coco Rocha: It was absolutely inspired by my time spent modelling and all that I’ve taken in over those years. Being around great designers, seeing how they work, seeing what makes for great fabrics and fabrication. For many years, I have been offered to license my name but that’s never interested me because licensing can be just a phone call and a signature. I really wanted to be a part of this from the ground up. When my partners came and asked me if I wanted to do this, I felt like it was the right partnership, and it was the right time.  We’re calling it street-wear meets sports-chic. I thought a lot about what was missing in the market before we started designing at CO+CO. I realized that in this price range, a girl that shops at her local department store can really only find boho or “hipster” looks. It is really hard for her to find clean, architectural pieces like she sees in high fashion magazines and runway shows. I wanted to offer girls an alternative at a reasonable price point but with amazing fabrics and fabrication.

ELLE: What’s the biggest change you’ve witnessed in the fashion industry?
Coco Rocha: There have been many. Models generally start at a very young age – I was 14. At that age you are so vulnerable and easily influenced and unfortunately have very few legal protections. That’s one of the reasons I lobbied very hard in 2012 to have New York state change its protection of underage models. They are just children after all, there was no reason they shouldn’t have protections built into place as young actors, singers and dancers have for years. The law passed and now we need to focus on other major fashion capitals. Another challenge I’ve faced is criticism. Ours is definitely a culture of criticism and you see it very clearly online. I remember speaking out on issues that were important and basically the response I saw from anonymous commenter was shocking. It was basically “shut up and just be happy that you’re tall and someone the industry considers beautiful”. Of course I never did.

ELLE: What advice would you share with aspiring models?
Coco Rocha:  A lot of pressure can be placed on a model to compromise, and many feel like they need to give up their values and beliefs in order to “make it” in this industry. On the contrary, I think I’ve found that integrity is usually rewarded in the long run.


Which songs are on the top of your playlist right now?
I love M83’s new album!  

What’s your go-to make-up trick?
I love a good cat eye. It’s a timeless classic.

What’s your favourite new app? 
There is this app called Acapella, where you can sing and harmonise with yourself. I can’t really sing but it’s a lot of fun.

What’s your go-to Instagram filter? 
I’m a Clarendon girl.