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Author Durjoy Datta’s top tips for working from home & parenting in the time of Covid-19

Remember to not think about work when playing with your kids

By ELLE team  March 30th, 2020

If there were ingredients to write the perfect love story then Durjoy Datta knows them far too well. The best-selling author has written numerous romance novels, including Of Course I Love You! and The Perfect Us, which have helped many of us escape reality and in some cases acted as the perfect breakup remedy. The young novelist has only become more popular with time and perhaps this is why his stories will soon be turned into Bollywood films.

Recently, the engineer-turned-writer has been updating his Instagram account with pictures of him playing the perfect dad to his daughter Rayna. And, it makes one wonder how has he been parenting like a pro, while in quarantine. Here’s what he had to say about all those too-cute-to-be-true photos he has been posting:

ELLE: How do you start your day these days?

Durjoy Datta: I wake up earlier now and try to wrap up a major chunk of the writing before Rayna wakes up. Once she does, she doesn’t really let anyone not give her attention. So I try to cram in as much as possible from 6-8:30 am.

ELLE: How do you keep yourself from being distracted by social media while working?

DD: That has always been a struggle. Since I have always worked from home, I keep finding ways to pull myself away from the glowing window of distraction. Right now, I work in bursts. I switch off my phone and try to work at a stretch for 15 minutes without giving in to any distractions. That makes me more conscious of using the phone. Every time I want to pick it up I ask myself, do I really need to switch on my phone to scroll mindlessly through Instagram?

ELLE: What kind of activities do you suggest one should keep their kids busy with while working from home?

DD: Art. For this period of time, push cleanliness out of your mind and give your child the most massive set of paints. Not only does it open up their mind, it’s a solitary activity that most children enjoy doing on their own, freeing you up for that important con-call.

ELLE: How do you deal with interruptions from kids if you are on an important call? 

DD: I’m guilty of what everyone does—chocolates or TV.