India's fastest runner Dutee Chand on making a spectacular comeback Advertisement

India’s fastest runner Dutee Chand on making a spectacular comeback

She's destiny's child in many ways

By Binoo K John  December 6th, 2018

There was nothing going for her three years ago after she was banned from competing as a female athlete because of her higher-than-normal testosterone levels. Today, she is India’s fastest runner with two Asian Games silvers, and with an eye on entering the finals of both the 100-metre and 200-metre races in Tokyo in 2020 (if she succeeds, she’ll be the first-ever Asian woman to do so). For that she will have to cut about 0.30 seconds from her best timing of 11.29 in the 100 metres. It is a tough task, but toughness is what Dutee is all about—and sheer hope. After winning the silver in the 100 metres in the Asian Games in Jakarta she said, “I was running with eyes closed… when I opened my eyes, the race was over. I did not know what has happened. People said you have won a medal, but I did not believe [them]. I did not pick [the] flag until I saw the result on [the] display screen,” she said soon after the race. This Odisha girl holds many lessons for us. The podium is yours Dutee. Eyes closed, destiny’s song ringing in your ears, fate and fame a matter of micro-seconds, run girl, run.

Photograph: Nishat Fatima
Styling: Shilpa Geetha
Hair and make-up: Sandy Artist
Assisted by: Pujarini Ghosh (Styling)

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