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The hottest ear piercing ideas right now

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By Michelle Gomes  April 26th, 2017

The great ‘90s redux has revived a lot of trends in their original form: space buns, glittery eyeshadows, brown lipstick and more. But there are just as many comebacks that have a modern twist, like multiple ear piercings. While cartilage piercings seemed unique back then, the craze was missing a key ingredient: cute jewellery.

Industrial barbells, studs, and plugs have been replaced by dainty gold and platinum pieces, with a touch of bling. Riding on a surge in daith, helix, and constellation piercings, it’s easy to see why ear piercings have taken over your Instagram feed.

Consider all the ways you can get in on the action. Love the look of an ear cuff enough to rock it everyday? Try an orbital piercing. Have crawlers been your staple for the past few seasons? Consider a helix piercing with similarly shaped jewellery.

Warning: Like with tattoos, stopping at one may be tough.                                

Ear piercing trends that are hot right now

This repetition of conch, cartilage, industrial, tragus, and lobe piercings – all in uniform black – is unexpected and stylish.

Don't miss the tragus piercing decorated with a diamond stud, the inner conch piercing marked with a cluster of 3 stones, and an outer conch piercing marked with a pave ring.

Despite other cartilage piercings on the same ear, the daith takes center stage, thanks to intricate jewellery that fits right inside the ear.

A gold butterfly neatly accentuates the tragus piercing.

An arrow laced through the ear gives the traditional industrial piercing an extra dose of cute

According to experts, the daith piercing looks more dramatic than it is. Since the area is not as exposed to the elements as the rest of the ear, it heals better than other piercings.

The conch piercing aligns neatly with the array of jewellery on the cartilage piercing.

Tired of the same daith, helix, and tragus piercings? This anti-tragus is the perfect antidote

This chains on this piercing make one cartilage piercing look like a cluster of four.

The ear cuff look gets permanent props, thanks to this orbital piercing.