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6 Easily available detox foods in India and how they work

Have an issue with gas? This spice could help

By ELLE team  February 9th, 2018

Forget about shelling out cash for an expensive juice cleanse — everything you need is probably already in your kitchen thanks to these easily available detox foods in India that are probably already in your food. But are you consuming these detox foods in the best way to get the maximum benefit out of them? Probably not.

All these ingredients and foods are readily available in your local stores and supermarkets, all you have to do is figure out your health issue and find which of these natural healers work for you. There’s something for the girl battling unpleasant gas and bloating to the girl who likes to party too much.

Strike a balance to live your best life.

We’ve investigated these affordable detox foods in India that flush the toxins out of your system and have your body working like a brand new Ferrari.

The best detox foods in India:


One of the most common ingredients found in Indian kitchens has to be turmeric. The agent that gives turmeric its bright yellow colour contains a powerful phytochemical component known as curcumin, which stimulates production of bile by the gallbladder. Plainly translated, when ingested, turmeric helps eliminate toxins from the liver and break down harmful compounds, enabling the smooth functioning of the liver. But turmeric does more than an internal detox. Face masks with a turmeric base help reverse the effects of pollution on your skin. 

How to detox using turmeric:

Aside from in your food, a healthier way to ingest turmeric is by putting a pinch of pure turmeric powder in tea with lime and honey. 

Methi or Fenugreek

Fenugreek doesn't help produce more bile like turmeric, but it does increase the potency of bile acid concentration, allowing for better flow. But where it really shines is in reduction of blood sugar levels in the body. Methi basically helps wash out your liver and expel toxins via sweat glands (which explains the odour). In a study conducted with diabetic patients, there was a 54% reduction of glucose in urine samples collected the morning after consumption of methi. 

How to use methi to detox:

Good old-fashioned mom's methi sabzi will do the trick. If you're not a fan, try consuming methi water, which can be made by soaking methi seeds in warm water over night and then straining it. We warn you though, methi does tend to make your body odour slightly... shall we say, pungent?


Ajwain is native to India and can be found as an ingredient across most of the subcontinent's regional dishes. Quite simply, ajwain helps with digestion and flatulence, it cures constipation and flushes out kidney stones. And while this may sound gross, it also dispels mucus from the body helping your body cleanse itself of impurities that cause colds and asthma. 

How to use ajwain to detox:

Had a heavy night of drinking? Flush those margaritas out of your system with some ajwain water. Lightly toasted ajwain soaked in water to make a tea can help in cleansing body toxins.



Coconut water

There are literally island songs singing praises to the benefits of coconut water. The superfood's nectar isn't just delicious, it gives life. For real. Coconut water has almost all the same electrolytes and composition as blood plasma. Rumour has it that during WWII, both the British in Sri Lanka and the Japanese in Sumatra regularly used coconut water when the standard intravenous fluids ran out. But maybe you wan't to avoid that scenario completely and stick to drinking nariyal pani. Not only does it replenish electrolytes lost during sports or alcohol consumption, it also flushes out toxins from the body without leaving you dehydrated. 

How to detox with coconut water:

Honestly, plain coconut water is good enough to keep your system hydrated and clean, but you can also use it as a base for smoothies. 



No, put that Cinnabon roll down, we don't mean it like that. Cinnamon helps cut sugar cravings and boost metabolism, it's also high in antioxidants. But where you really start to see immediate results from the bark is when it's chewed. Its anti-bacterial properties cleans out your mouth, preventing cavities and bad breath.

How to detox with cinnamon:

You can boil a cinnamon stick in water to have as a tea or add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a smoothie. 


Forget what you think you know about ghee. Ghee acts as a magnet in your body, pulling out toxins and flushing them out of your system while passing through the digestive tract. 

How to detox using ghee:

A spoonful of ghee is the medicine. If you can stomach it, a teaspoon of ghee is what Kourtney Kardashian swears by first thing in the morning. If it's too soon to jump into that for you, you could try replacing cooking oil with ghee.

Don’t miss out on these detox water recipes:

Green tea, mint and lime infused water


Green tea- 2 bags

Lime- 1

Mint leaves- handful

Water- 1-2 litres, depending on how strong you want it to taste

Ice cubes


Boil the water, add the tea bags and steep for 10 minutes. Remove tea bags and add lime wedges and mint leaves. Chill for 1 hour. Strain well and serve. This tea can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Lemon, lime and oranges infused water


Lime- 1

Orange- 1

Lemon- ½

Water- 1-2 litres

Ice cubes


In a big jar, layer the lime slices, orange slices and lemon pieces with ice cubes. Fill the jar with water. Let it chill for an hour and enjoy.

Cucumber, lime and lemon infused water


Cucumber- 2

Lime- 1

Lemon- ½

Water- 1-2 litres

Ice cubes


In a big jar, layer the cucumber slices, lime wedges and lemon pieces with ice cubes. Fill the jar with water. Let it chill for an hour and enjoy.

Strawberry and kiwi infused water


Strawberry- 4-5 

Kiwi- ½ 

Water- 2 litres

Ice cubes


Slice your kiwi in half and peel only the half you're using. Thinly slice your strawberry and peeled kiwi. Add slices to the water, cover, and leave in the fridge overnight.