What to eat before you begin day drinking

Day drinking is a lot of fun  you get to savour your cocktails and there’s a bigger window to make decisions you’ll regret the next day. Plus, no creepy dude trying to grind against you on a crowded dance floor. If you’re going to have a drink in your hand by 2pm, we’re not even going to try to stop you from drunk texting your ex or attempting to twerk, but what we will do is encourage you to eat better.  

What you consume before you begin downing the poison of your choice is what will help you can stand up straight without swaying. To make sure you’re not the first one to pass out at the party, it’s important to fuel your body with the right kind of foods. The first step would be to partake in a hearty breakfast. “Go for complex carbs and high protein dishes. For instance, you can gorge on an egg white omelette, moong dal dosa or oats,” says nutritionist Anjali Peswani. Also say yes to fruits that are high in fibre and water content  they will make sure the drinks don’t hit you hard. Fibre will also help flushing alcohol out of your system. Choose sweet lime, orange, kiwi and guava.  

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You may be tempted to pair your wine with cheese but Peswani recommends avoiding dairy products. “It’s a popular combination is because it provides a kick,” she says. Besides dairy, it’s also a good idea to steer clear from simple carbs and sweets like pastries and cake. “Carbs are high on sugar content, so desserts and carbs are both absorbed directly into the blood stream. That’s why you get a sugar rush and you feel drunk faster,” she explains. So if you’re planning to hit the neighbourhood joint for greasy Chinese food or indulge in a pizza, think again.  

If you’re at a restaurant, order a proper meal so you’re not drinking on an empty stomach. Safe options include dishes that are high on protein and low on carbs. Peswani recommends a list of foods you can pick from: grilled chicken with sauteed veggies, stir fry veggies, bean spouts or chana salad, spinach or mushroom soup, dal khichdi or palak khichdi, and tandoori platter. 

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Guzzling down some coconut water before going on a bender will keep you hydrated. “Alcohol sucks out water from the body. Dehydration is why why people pass out after a few drinks. You could also sip on some nimbu pani or ginger-ajwain water.” To make ginger-ajwain water, boil the two ingredients in water and strain it. 

And always remember the good old rule of thumb: space out your drinks and sneak in two glasses of water after each drink.

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