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Eat right

What to eat and when - tips from yoga food expert Nicky Moona

By ELLE team  January 19th, 2015

1. Eat four times a day at four-hour intervals.

2. Do not skip breakfast; it is the most important meal of the day.

3. Do not drink water with your meal; only 30 minutes before a meal.

4. When you eat, your stomach should be half filled with food, a quarter with water (drunk 30 minutes prior) and another quarter should be empty for proper digestion.

5. Eat food that is freshly cooked.

6. Do not overeat or eat too less.

7. Food should be tasty and easy to digest.

8. Food should be eaten with concentration and in a calm environment, and it should be the only activity you focus on at the time.

Photograph: Gaia Retreat & Spa, Australia/