Cult eco-conscious haircare brand Aveda makes its way to India

We’re at the peak of the sustainability revolution. Reading product labels, paying close attention to our food sources, and choosing a green beauty routine—we’re becoming more responsible. But when it comes to shampooing our hair, we’re still a little on the fence. The allure of a rich lather and the addictive perfume that always scents our hair is hard to trade in for fuss-free natural alternatives.

Well, the decision is about to get a lot easier because Aveda finally makes its way to Indian stores. The cult American haircare brand, which uses mostly plant-based ingredients in all its products, was founded by expert hairstylist Horst Rechelbacher 40 years ago. Even today, everything at Aveda meets his guidelines (and it’s a long list). Its products are both vegan and cruelty-free, and are manufactured using renewable energy and recycled packaging.  While the brand is popular for its eco-consciousness, what many don’t know is that Aveda is rooted in the ancient Indian traditions of Ayurveda.


Photograph: Tinelli Riccardo

Rechelbacher created his first clove shampoo in his kitchen sink, alongside Ayurveda doctors he had met at a retreat in Rishikesh. These early learnings were extended to all their formulations, which, along with good karma points, also proved to be efficient products. Amanda Le Roux, Aveda International’s vice president says, “We believe in the power of plants, like the Invati Advanced line, a 98 per cent naturally derived system that’s been formulated to help maintain long hair. It uses Ayurvedic herbs (including ginseng and certified organic turmeric), and Aveda’s patented bio-fermented blend to invigorate the scalp.”

Curious newbies could try the Damage Remedy line, Le Roux’s recommendation. She says, “Hair damage is one of the biggest hair concerns in India and globally. Our Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is a 98 per cent naturally derived leave-in treatment that reduces breakage and is clinically proven to repair hair.” Ardent fans also swear by Aveda’s frizz calming Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque, and the addictive Cherry Almond Shampoo that makes hair soft and delicious-smelling. The good news is that Aveda’s extensive range covers several hair concerns and different hair types, so you are sure to find your perfect match while your conscience does confident hair flips.

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