5 beautiful women on how you can make your beauty routine eco-friendly

Think of the chemical-laden shampoo you generously lathered onto your hair this morning. Account for the amount of preservatives and ecosystem-destroying chemicals that flowed through the sewage and happily mated with open water bodies. Now multiply that amount by 1,00,000, and that’s probably just your city.

Sustainability in the beauty industry isn’t a topic to be left for the coffee table cynics, and the sheer amount of plastic waste that we’re all actively contributing to the environment is no joke. So how do you make amends? Wise up like Lisa Haydon-Lalvani, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Namrata Soni and introduce organic make-up to your beauty kit. 

Looking at the problem on the whole may seem insurmountable, taking small but decisive steps to make a change isn’t. Simple tweaks to your beauty routine in exchange for a healthier environment isn’t a big ask, is it? We’ll throw in hydrated, radiant skin to even out the bargain.

5 changes to make your beauty routine more sustainable

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Guilt-free natural products to add to your beauty kit

The next time you’re shopping, make space in your cart for these all-natural beauty products that are kinder to the environment.

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