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5 beautiful women on how you can make your beauty routine eco-friendly

Real life advice you can actually use

By Hasina Khatib  July 19th, 2017

Think of the chemical-laden shampoo you generously lathered onto your hair this morning. Account for the amount of preservatives and ecosystem-destroying chemicals that flowed through the sewage and happily mated with open water bodies. Now multiply that amount by 1,00,000, and that’s probably just your city.

Sustainability in the beauty industry isn’t a topic to be left for the coffee table cynics, and the sheer amount of plastic waste that we’re all actively contributing to the environment is no joke. So how do you make amends? Wise up like Lisa Haydon-Lalvani, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Namrata Soni and introduce organic make-up to your beauty kit. 

Looking at the problem on the whole may seem insurmountable, taking small but decisive steps to make a change isn’t. Simple tweaks to your beauty routine in exchange for a healthier environment isn’t a big ask, is it? We’ll throw in hydrated, radiant skin to even out the bargain.

5 changes to make your beauty routine more sustainable

Lisa Haydon-Lalvani

We’d have thought that being the hottest mama on the block was a full-time job, but Lisa has been finding time in her jet-setting schedule to make the world a better place for quite a few years now. It all started when she threw fresh aloe vera and essential oils into a blender and realized that she had stumbled upon a winning formula for organic soaps. After many years of making her cruelty-free wares for close friends, she decided to expand her circle by launching her own label, Naked by Lisa Haydon in 2013.

“Naked is a passion project. I wish I had more time for it but right now, it’s very niche and driven by travel and inspiration,” Lisa nervously admitted to us back then. While her products won her a huge base of loyal customers, she rues that they don’t have a shelf life beyond three months. The 31-year-old refuses to add any preservatives to the mix, living up to the 100% natural promise on the label. 

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Parabens are cruel to your skin and the environment, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Shilpa Shetty Kundra did too, and used the information to introduce some crucial changes to her beauty routine. The 42-year-old has swapped out harmful chemicals for coconut oil and sandalwood essence as far as she can. Her dedication to environmentally conscious beauty products doesn’t end there; “Over the weekends, I make my own face masks; my favourite being a mix of rose water and fresh cream,” she revealed in a recent interview.

Urvashi Singh

It was the plastic waste washed ashore on the pristine beaches of Andaman that alerted this artist to the brutal effect they have on the environment. She then proceeded to prune plastics completely out of her beauty routine, replacing her drugstore shampoo and conditioner with Lush’s organic shampoo bars. Once you get over the initial withdrawal period of not having your shampoo lather, the bar lasts a good three months and will probably turn you into a return customer. “The label believes in ‘naked’ packaging; they cut down on millions of plastic units by not packaging their products at all." she raves.

Other small changes that she’s made to make her beauty routine more sustainable? Switching to bamboo brushes (EcoTools offers beautiful all-natural make-up brushes, packaged in 100% tree-free paper) and locally sourcing her coconut oil in glass bottles which she then recycles responsibly. 

Janice Pariat

What does a Shillong-based author have to do with the world of eco-conscious beauty products? A significant bit, as it turns out. Janice Pariat (author of Boats on Land and Seahorse) joined the growing list of organic beauty brands in India with her all-natural offering, Real Love. Her handmade range of soaps and ‘lotion bars’ offer the real deal: Shea butter, natural beeswax, goats’ milk and tea tree oil in their pure form, not just extracts. 

Namrata Soni

Make-up artist to the stars, Namrata Soni admits that the skincare problems and breakouts she’s been suffering served as a catalyst for her to give organic make-up a shot. She has since been married to the Paul Penders Vegan 4-in-1 BB cream that works overtime as a moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation.

The brand also offers a wide array of cruelty-free products with responsibly sourced ingredients, and has been certified by multiple environmental organizations around the world.

If you’re looking to follow suit with an environmental friendly beauty regimen, Namrata recommends easing into it slowly. “You needn’t rush out and switch your entire skincare regimen. Start by substituting one element, maybe a face wash or sunscreen, with an organic alternative. Give your skin time to get used to it, which it definitely will — apart from the environmental benefits, organic make-up drastically reduces breakouts and skincare problems,” she testifies.

Namrata does advise a word of caution though; “The humidity we live in means that olive oil-based products can sometimes contribute to greasiness. Also, since all-natural products are rarely ever waterproof, you may not want to use that organic mascara outdoors during the rains.” 

Guilt-free natural products to add to your beauty kit

The next time you’re shopping, make space in your cart for these all-natural beauty products that are kinder to the environment.

Intense hydration day lotion with Clary Sage, Rs 2,120, Burts Bees
Konjac facial sponge, Rs 425, Ecotools
Long handled cactus bath brush, Rs 1,295, The Body Shop
Hand pounded organic fruit facial scrub, Rs 1,450, Forest Essentials
Neem hair oil, Rs 3,162, Dr Hauschka
Pure mogra water, Rs 725, Kama Ayurveda
EcoPouf dual cleansing pad, Rs 283, Ecotools
100% pure shea butter, Rs 690, L'Occitane en Provence
Relaxing foot soak fizzy lavender, Rs 95, Iraya
Moroccan rose otto ultra moisture body oil, Rs 4,216, Ren