Ekà goes retro for Spring/Summer 2017 Advertisement

Ekà goes retro for Spring/Summer 2017

The new collection is a beautiful nod to vintage prints

By Hasina Khatib  October 15th, 2016

We’ve come to associate quiet comfort with Ekà’s minimalist aesthetic. Designer Rina Singh continues to deliver with the Spring/Summer 2017 collection that oozes relaxed retro vibes.  Inspired by vintage wallpaper prints, the new line has been treated with a healthy dose of pastel chambrays and floral chintz. The beauty of the collection stems from the distressed finishing and the sun-faded colour palette. Expect tone-on-tone accents, feminine lace inlays and lots of linen.

Flip through the gallery for a quick preview!

The Spring/Summer 2017 collection will be presented at Jakarta Fashion Week under the ‘sustainable fashion’ category and will also be available at select stores in Paris, New York, Tokyo and London.