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ELLE Beauty Chat With Manushi Chhillar

From her favourite breakfast to her make-up routine

By Samreen Samad  September 29th, 2021

Winner of the coveted Miss World 2017 title, actor and model, Manushi Chhillar shares her everyday rituals with ELLE.

I WAKE UP… around 5:30 or 6 am as I like to have some ‘me’ time before I start the day. It’s been a habit since I was in school. When I’m shooting, I wake up even earlier, so I can finish my workout.

I START THE DAY… with a glass of warm lemon water, followed by a long walk, some stretches and meditation.

FOR BREAKFAST I have lots of fruits and oats. I switch it up with quinoa, dosa and paratha to break the monotony.


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IN MY FRIDGE AND KITCHEN CUPBOARDS… I always have vegetables, fruits, nut butters and dark chocolate stocked up. I also like to keep some crackers, hummus and cheese for small bites.

MY SHOWER SAVIOURS… the Pantene 2in1 Shampoo + Conditioner, because it offers dual benefits of a shampoo and nourishing conditioner in one bottle that helps prevent hair fall and doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry.

I CARE FOR MY HAIR using limited products, and generally avoiding any kind of styling or leave-in creams, unless I’m working. With excessive heat styling, pollution, travelling I like to keep my hair care regimen simple – wash and air dry. I do enjoy scalp oil massage.


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THE BEST BEAUTY ADVICE I GOT… Less is more, don’t forget to hydrate yourself, consume nutritious food, get good sleep and be happy. 

MY MAKE-UP ROUTINE… I usually prefer a glowing look–fresh skin, simple glam and lots of highlighter!

MY LUNCHTIME is usually cooked vegetables, roti, lentils, rice and yoghurt.

MY FAVOURITE FRAGRANCE D.S. & DURGA, currently. They’re quite innovative.

IF I’M GOING OUT AT NIGHT… One can never go wrong with classic smoky-eyes and nude lips.

I UNWIND… by painting or organising a corner of my house. I love both because they need concentration but I find it so relaxing. I can be a bit obsessive when it comes to organising, even my clothes are colour coordinated in the wardrobe.


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MY BEAUTY OBSESSION… would be liquid shimmer eyeshadows. I love using them as metallic eye liners or just to add a little drama on the inner corners of my eyes.

THE CRAZIEST THING I’VE DONE IN THE NAME OF BEAUTY… shaving off my eyebrows when I was a kid. I used to watch my mom get her brows shaped and I tried the same out of curiosity.

WHEN I LOOK IN THE MIRROR, I SEE… someone who has grown and is still growing. We all have insecurities and I make sure I don’t let those define who I am because my opinion of myself is most important to me.

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