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ELLE Beauty Chat With Shraddha Kapoor

On her skin care rituals and healthy habits

By Samreen Samad  May 8th, 2021

The Haseena Parkar star gives us a sneak-peak into her day.

ELLE: How do you start your day? 

Shraddha Kapoor (SK): My morning routine keeps changing, but I love starting my day with meditation. Then I go through my to-do list for the day. 


ELLE: What do you have for breakfast?

SK: Breakfast for me is always simple and wholesome. Since turning vegetarian, I love experimenting with different ingredients. I try to incorporate different fruits as well to keep it exciting. I follow up with a dose of Power Gummies supplements.


ELLE: How do you care for your hair?

SK: I use a gentle cleansing shampoo and conditioner in the shower. If I’m not shooting, I avoid using heat. I also take supplements for hair and nails to nourish and strengthen them.


ELLE: What’s your make-up routine like? 

Shraddha Kapoor: Unless I’m going to an event, my make-up regimen is minimal at best. I start with a simple moisturiser. A little dot of concealer, a couple of swishes of mascara, a tinted lip balm, and I’m ready to go.



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ELLE: What’s your go-to evening look?

SK: For the evening, I gravitate towards a smokey-eye, paired with a subtle lip and open natural hair; it’s an effortlessly elegant look for the night.


ELLE: Your favourite fragrance?

SK: Giorgio Armani Code



ELLE: How do you like to style your hair? 

SK: My go-to hair-dos include a simple ponytail or pulled back hair. I like to play around with braids as well. 


ELLE: What’s your mantra for being confident? 

SK: My mantra has to be, ‘Feel good on the inside, and it’ll reflect on the outside’. I think that applies to confidence, beauty and everything else. I keep an open mind, try to stay positive, and most importantly, take out an hour daily for myself free of any gadgets.


ELLE: What’s in your lunch today? 

SK: Lunch is simple home-cooked food—dal, vegetables and a pickle. 


ELLE: How do you unwind? 

SK: I spend time with family, steer clear of any gadgets and take the time to calibrate and reconnect with myself. Meditation goes a long way!


ELLE: Your beauty obsession…

SK: I’m obsessed with Power Gummies! I love how they’re so convenient to carry in the bag and loaded with nourishing ingredients. Also, they taste delicious.




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ELLE: What’s your evening beauty ritual?

SK: Taking off my make-up is something I take very seriously. Cleansing my face with a gentle foam wash and just letting it breathe. 


ELLE: What’s the last thing you do before turning off the lights? 

SK: Before going to bed, I either read a book or listen to music that helps me relax and unwind. I also write in my gratitude journal and reflections journal sometimes.