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Kickstart your fashion career right from home with these online courses

From marketing to wedding planning, they’ve got it all

By ELLE team  May 20th, 2020

We know you’re stuck at home waiting for it all to end. But if you’re determined to dip your toes in the fashion industry, then there’s no better time than to start now. Our say: Take advantage of the free time that you have on your hands and get one step closer to your professional goals. With increasing competition and ever-changing trends, the fashion industry can be an unpredictable place to be in. And in case you’re wondering what to do, we’ve got your back.

With two diploma courses and five short courses to choose from, these online courses will fit your bill, no matter the interest. Here’s everything that ELLE Education is currently offering.

Marketing and Communications for Fashion & Luxury Brands

An online diploma course, this program will help you gain a full spectrum of the fashion industry as a whole. Also, it’ll help you learn to communicate in order to become ‘the voice’ of a brand, organise a fashion event, manage specialised press, identify the targeted consumers as well as how to cater to them, and more.

International Retail Management

In this online diploma course that spans two months, you can learn the different aspects of retail management with a background of business knowledge, recruiting and managing a retail store.

Image Consultant and Personal Shopper

This short course will train you by inculcating the understanding of concepts like visagism, morphology, colour analysis, makeup, hairdressing, style, etc. The course aims to provide you with crucial information to turn your clients into their best versions.

Wedding Planner

Do you have a knack for organising someone’s special day? This is the course for you. It will take you through: Successfully organising a wedding with the right tools, designing a wedding event, latest trends in wedding planning, services offered by a wedding planner, how to treat the client and how to develop a wedding planner brand and positioning the business in the sector.

Event Production

Learn how to define publicity strategies through events and organise different types of events for fashion brands in this short course. From recruiting a team for fashion production, managing the logistics of an event to budget management, this course will give you the right start in the field of event production.

Event Designer

Get acquainted with the life of an event designer. From dealing with clients, finding vendors, negotiating, learning decorating concepts such as colour theory, lighting and more to getting exposure to materials, finishes, and techniques, this course will take you through what it takes to be an event designer.

How to create a brand

Plan to start your own fashion line someday? It’s time to learn the ABCs. This program allows you to create your own brand from zero and commercialise the products. It also teaches you to differentiate your brand from others in order to lead a successful business.

All diploma and short courses are for a duration of two months. Diploma courses begin from the month of June till December, while the short courses take place from June till September.

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