#ELLE Exclusive: Anamika Khanna's Opening Collection For FDCI X LFW Plays On The Art Of Preservation Advertisement

#ELLE Exclusive: Anamika Khanna’s Opening Collection For FDCI X LFW Plays On The Art Of Preservation

By Ainee Nizami Ahmedi  March 5th, 2021

When it comes to Indian fashion, all eyes are on Anamika Khanna right now. As the designer gears up to open for the FDCI X LFW joint Fashion Week, she takes on a challenge that goes beyond showcasing a set number of designs on the ramp. Fashion has changed over the course of the last year, and Anamika is ready to let that change reflect in her work, and take on the new normal, AK-OK style! In the midst of multiple projects, she sits down with ELLE and talks to us about why she feels this year has started on a high!

ELLE: This is a very different fashion week. FDCI and LFW are coming together, things have turned phygital, and the rules of fashion have changed. How are you preparing to tackle this? 

Anamika Khanna: My first question for myself was, Why am I doing this? Do I want to show 24 garments on the ramp or go beyond?’ This show is a very emotional space for me.  We’ve all realised that nothing will last forever, and I am using that thought in the show. It also connects to the concept of preservation – to learn to value what we have. I was thinking of these incredible textile pieces that we all have with us. What is someone who is very modern, well-travelled, came across these pieces. What would that person do with them? That’s the question I’ve answered in this collection.


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ELLE: What are some of the things you are really excited about for your opening show?

AK: I think I’ve captured that slight feeling of optimism that we have around us right now. The vaccine is out, and people want to dress up a bit, and head out (I personally am done with sweatpants)! Plus, we’ve used this technique where we have utilised the gold threads used in embroidery, and created interesting fringe with it.

ELLE: Homegrown, sustainable pieces are the biggest buzzwords in the fashion industry right now. As a brand, how are you supporting this narrative?

AK: I very strongly believe that sustainability goes beyond using a certain fabric. It’s about creating timeless pieces, pieces that people will not chuck out, after one wear. That, for me, is the true sustainable story, and that’s what I am creating with this collection. Classic pieces that people will hold on to.


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ELLE: Any particular trends that you feel will make a splash this season?

AK: Fashion has completely changed in the last year, and I feel that it’s become excessively individualistic and personal. In the near future, at least, I don’t see one trend emerging as the IT trend; rather everyone will release fashion to their personal stories.

ELLE: The year has already begun on a high for you…

AK: You know I have reached a mind space where I am doing things that truly make me happy. Sure there will be set seasons, weddings, etc., but tomorrow if I feel like designing a flowerpot, I’ll design it. That freedom is what makes the year feel high for me. I am also excited about the Mumbai flagship store. AK-Okay is seeing a new direction where we are pushing the brand to a hugely experimental, dynamic space where we are doing anything and everything that we love.

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