#ELLEExclusive: Masaba Gupta talks about her make-up collab with Nykaa Advertisement

#ELLEExclusive: Masaba Gupta talks about her make-up collab with Nykaa

The multi-talented designer has once again forayed into the beauty territory

By Drishti Kapadia  July 23rd, 2019

Known for her unique prints and colours, Masaba Gupta’s brought her creative expertise to the table and partnered up with Nykaa Cosmetics to launch a beauty line. You’ll find twelve shades of lip and nail colours and a dip in polish remover, all wrapped up in her signature prints. We spoke to the versatile designer about her inspiration and all things beauty.

ELLE: What was the best part of co-creating the Masaba by Nykaa line?
Masaba Gupta: I love make-up so that was a big plus point when I was coming up with this line. I know a lot of people were expecting wild and bright colours, but I wanted it to be super wearable, something that girls can wear everyday. Toning down my wildness was a fun experience.

ELLE: What is your favourite product from this collection?
MG: I love the Masaba by Nykaa Lipstick in Cool Guy and the dip in nail polish remover. It’s travel-friendly and I use it when I want to change my nail polish on the go.

ELLE: How do you pick the right shade for your skin tone?
MG: Store lighting can be very deceptive so step outside in the daylight and see how the shade looks on you. Always try a new lip colour when you are wearing no make-up; it can look very different when you have a full face of make-up on. I also suggest using a balm before applying lipstick; the extra hydration will give you even application.

ELLE: How do you like to wear these lipsticks?
MG: I love wearing the colours on my cheeks and lids. I mix the lighter shades with a little bit of a Vaseline and swipe it on for glossy lids.

ELLE: What are your three favourite beauty trends?
MG: I love thick, bushy brows, natural contouring and dewy make-up.

ELLE: Three tips for curly haired girls.
MG: Use warm coconut oil or olive oil regularly, and leave-in conditioners are great for adding extra moisture to your hair. I wouldn’t recommend any smoothening treatments–they spoil your hair’s natural texture.

ELLE: Who is your beauty inspiration?
MG: Rihanna