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#ELLEhoroscope: Here’s what the stars have in store for you this week

Your guide to navigate the first week of March

By Ashtar Tashi  March 1st, 2019

The New Moon (March 6) will appear in the sign of Pisces and is a very important lunar phase. It shall be responsible for boosting our energy and refreshing your outlook towards life. This month’s New Moon will encourage you to expand your horizons on the social front and make new connections via networking. It’s a period that shall bring with it refreshingly new ideas and solutions. 

Your weekly horoscope is here:


Goddess Maat wishes you the best this week, promising you some gifts of fairness for all the hard work done. Look at avenues where you feel you need to be fair to yourself. You have been working hard and now is the time to enjoy the fruits. Don’t allow others to take the credit for work done by you and let them know that you have added value to the project or situation. In your personal relationships, don’t hesitate to ask for your dues through love and understanding for all the efforts you have undertaken to resolve matters that otherwise may have soured. Speak up if you need to be heard and no one will grudge you your fair share of the limelight.


Goddess Athena sends wisdom to you during this time of the New Moon. Your own instincts will be sharpened this week and you must believe in your intuitions. It is human behaviour to doubt yourself and this week you may do that more than normal. It is only a test, if you wish to call it that. It is an opportunity for you to become aware that you already possess the intelligence to deal with whatever comes your way. Maybe you need a fresh insight into the matter instead of the old run-of-the-mill ways to resolve issues. Look out for fresher ideas and do what your gut guides you to do.


Goddess Abundantia is holding out the cornucopia of good fortunes for you this New Moon. All things lost shall be found and things desired should be fulfilled. Matters of the heart will be blessed with energy of unstoppable joys for both you and your partner. Relaxation and rest at home are highlighted along with changes for the better in your workplace. Energies of abundance will be highlighted with new business that brings in material wealth and enhances the comforts and pleasures of life. Spread the joys through sharing the goodness with those in need and your charity shall redeem more blessings for you and your family.


Goddess Hathor welcomes you in her embrace, assuring you that all you have asked for is waiting to commence in this week of the New moon. But are you prepared for it? Sometimes when we doubt ourselves, then how ever doable the action, we do not allow the good to happen to us. Hence, this week please pay attention to your own approach to life and its opportunities. If you see something good coming your way (a new relationship or a new professional opportunity or even a new idea), please do not turn your back to it. Please welcome it with open arms and make it your reality. Yes, it seems tough at times to trust so easily but maybe that’s what you need to learn this week. Trust the universe and more importantly, trust yourself. 


Goddess Aeracura is blessing you this week by giving you the chance to show your best. The New Moon helps you let go of staleness and make way for things that add value to your life. It’s time to bring to fruition the ideas that have been germinating in your mind but have been shelved out of sheer laziness. If you don’t take advantage of the energies in this phase, you may regret it later. So focus on what you wish to see take shape and do what you need to.


Goddess Vesta urges you to be a homebody this week. In the New Moon phase, you must not float aimlessly but instead focus on needs of your home and family members. Any repairs, changes or re-constructions must be looked into now. Use this time effectively to de-clutter and refresh your living space. Whatever you don’t need, whether its old ideas and emotions stacked high or clothes, shoes and useless paperwork, throw it out. Spend time with your family and re-bond over small joys and experiences of love and laughter. This is the time for you to re-connect with the very foundation of your life.


Goddess Yemanya is being generous to you this week. She enhances the energy of the New Moon and wants you to experience opportunities that you have been waiting for. But will you make the most of it? Don’t waste precious time by procrastinating and believe that you are in the right place at the right time. Make the most of this week’s good vibrations and do all the tasks that you have been planning to but not really gone ahead with. Take charge and take action and move towards completing some goals that are important to you.


Goddess Ixchel wishes you good health this week. Change the way you look at your health at the time of New Moon. Practice a healthier lifestyle which you have been ignoring or dilly-dallying about. It ought to be started this week. Look at your life patterns and see what you keep repeating and what doesn’t work for you. Even emotional behavior patterns, which are harmful, have to be dropped now. You should be aware that our physical wellness has a lot to do with the energies percolating into our bodies via our outer auras of emotional and mental bodies. Chakra cleansing and balancing meditations will help this week to keep all energies in perfect shape. 


Goddess Mother Mary spends time sending you love and light this week. Her vibrations of unconditional love and care are like a mother’s. Matters which have been stalling shall now be cleared and will move ahead without much trouble. Be kind to yourself and others this week. Let go of any angst against others and yourself for any unpleasantness that you may have experienced recently. Move away from unhappy experiences into a space of gratitude because you are being shown the better circumstances that you have been waiting for.


Goddess Freyja is holding your hand strongly this week to make sure that you don’t stumble or fall. You need all the support this week because you are challenging yourselves. Perhaps you are ready to do (or already doing) something that is out of your comfort zone. This is the time when you need to believe in yourself, knowing fully well that you do have the capability to achieve what you are aiming for but sometimes you just feel a little lost. That is perfectly all right. Energise yourself with the knowledge that in the New Moon, these very insecurities will morph into your strengths and help you rise above your fears, if you allow them to do so.


Goddess Diana wants you to stay focused on your main goals this week. There are a million things on your mind and too many tasks to get completed. Get organised and make work lists based on priority of what must be completed first. You are after all only human (though you may feel like a super human sometimes) and can only do so much. So, don’t waste precious energy trying to handle everyone’s affairs besides your own. Focus on self is of utmost importance this week. The New Moon vibes will assist you but only if you also make the right moves. 


Goddess Isis will hold your hand this week as you face some situations showing up from the past. These could be people from the old days suddenly getting in touch with you or you remembering the good old times where you may have been more content or happier. This New Moon reminds you that it is possible to re-instate new energies into your life once again. Try and re-live those good old times (if you are seriously missing them so much) by doing things the same old way. Did it bring you happiness? Were you actually better off then? Nothing can stop you from re-igniting old fires and also hope for yourself. This week is all about re-creating the old but in a new fashion. Think seriously about all that you would actually want to re-appear in your life from the past. Don’t make mistakes in asking for it. Some wishes just come true faster that you can imagine!