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What ELLE India’s editors are obsessing over this month

From dessert to tech

By ELLE team  January 25th, 2019

We let you in on the best from the world of beauty, food, tech (including an app that’ll make you a calmer person). Scroll through the gallery for all our recommendations.

Manali Shah, Senior Digital Writer

Papacream: Ice cream is one of the things I live for, but dairy isn't great for me so I've had to hold off on my indulgences. Enter Papacream's new range of vegan ice creams, including chocolate, mango, and peanut butter and jelly flavours. I wasn't sure what vegan ice cream would be like but it was actually denser and I absolutely loved it.


Neville Bhandara, Features & Lifestyle Editor
@Lastnightsreading: It's an amazing Instagram account that I've been scrolling through of late. Its founder, Kate Gavino, does incredible illustrations of authors whose readings and sessions she attends. It's the perfect micro daily dose of inspiration that keeps me going. After all, how can you not strive to live by the wise words of great writers like our June cover star Zadie Smith or bestselling author Margaret Atwood?
Photograph: Instagram/@lastnightsreading

Maanya Sachdeva, Assistant Digital Editor

Headspace: An app for guided meditations, Headspace is perfect for bed-time. Although the free version only includes a couple of guided meditations, those have been all I need to sleep better. If you're new to meditating and find it hard to sit still, even for a few minutes , I'd definitely recommend downloading Headspace. It starts you off, nice and easy, with shorter guided meditations. Once you train your mind to be still, you can look for longer versions. 

Mrudul Pathak Kundu, National Creative Director

Apple watch: It’s elegant, fast, useful, and frankly, we are quite inseparable. I love changing the watch face. The Breathe app is one of my favourite features. While we are all aware that we should take a moment every now and then to stop and literally just breathe, we are not able to actually fit that into our busy schedules. The app reminds you to stop your racing mind and just sit back and press pause Once you start, it guides your breathing too. You can rotate the crown and adjust the duration.

Also, I love the fitness aspect of the watch. There are plenty of in-built exercise plans, from high intensity workouts to yoga and hiking — all easy to access and begin with.