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What Elle India’s editors are obsessing over this week

Snoop slimes, Sacred Games, Flames shoes and more

By ELLE team  July 13th, 2018

From the PVC bag from Chanel, Prada’s AW18 flames shoes and Sacred Games, here’s everything that the experts at ELLE India are obsessing over this week. 

Serena Menon, Managing Editor

The OpenHouse (@TheOpenHouseCo): I'm loving the work of this new design studio that's just brought my personalised stationery to life. It's run by two hugely talented advertising professionals, Alishka Anand and Hetal Desai, and I blame them for making mine too pretty for me to share.

Snoop Slimes​ (@Snoopslimes)​: I'm new to the world of slime​​, and ​did not know what I was missing out on. Can't make time for therapy or yoga? Follow Snoop Slimes and watch your worries melt away. Or just poke and squish them till satisfaction is achieved.

Rahul Vijay, Fashion Editor

The world of virtual reality: I finally experienced the magic of virtual reality video games in Tokyo. From bungee jumping to flying airplanes, you can experience it in real time. Can't wait to buy the VR gaming console.

Sacred Games on Netflix: Have seen three episodes, can’t wait to finish the series.

Malini Banerji, fashion director

Amanda Cutter Brooks's farm life inspires Insta-envy.

Prada's AW18 flame shoes are on the top of my list. 

Neville Bhandara, features editor

Hot chocolate: And by obsessing, I mean overdoing it in a manner that is possibly, arguably (most definitely) considered troubling. But you can't blame me, look at the current weather in Mumbai. Top picks: Italian favourite Venchi's hot chocolate, which I've been slyly siphoning ever since I got back from Italy earlier this year, and rich, molten goodness from my three favourite local haunts: Kala Ghoda Cafe, Suzette and La Folie du Chocolat.

The Super Moisture Gel from Clarins Men: It's become a daily part of my routine now. It's really lightweight, which I love, and smells great too. It's all the hydration your face needs, minus all the stickiness.

Manali Shah, Senior Digital writer

Anushka Manchanda's new avatar: I love how Anushka Manchanda has reinvented herself with her new avatar/stage name, Nuka. Her first music video as Nuka, Don't Be Afraid, is about death, returning to nature, and rebirth. It's slickly produced and unlike anything the indie music scene in India has seen in a long, long time.

Eric Abroad's YouTube channel: I'm obsessed with everything Japan, so I really like watching American YouTuber Eric Abroad's experiences of living in Osaka. His videos take you through Japan's insane robot restaurants, anime cafes and traditional ryokans (hotels) — without exoticising Japanse/Asian culture.

Mrudul Pathak Kundu, National Creative Director

Nature's fresh new look: Greens! Vert! Verde! Monsoon hue at its best!

Shweta Gandhi, Senior Digital writer

Sleepy Owl's Brew Packs: For me, there's nothing that can come close to the aroma of a freshly-brewed coffee. I liberally use my espresso coffee machine at home -- which takes a minimum of 15 minutes to brew the perfect cup -- but mostly over the weekends, considering I spend majority of my day at work. Fortunately, I've found the best solution in Sleepy Owl's Brew Packs, that requires you to keep the ground coffee in water overnight, and voila, you've got ready-made coffee in the morning. Did I mention they've come out with a brand new flavour, Cinnamon burst?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's engagement: Still. Cannot. Digest. It. The two have been in an on-and-off relationship for just a few years, so it's surprising that Justin decided to take this huge step. My heart goes out to Selena Gomez, though.



Nirja Dutt, Fashion features editor

PVC: Clear, crisp and controversial, plastic has taken the runways and streets by storm. I love it for its dexterity to showcase structure and the contents within. One that demonstrates this best? The Chanel Flap bag in pink, blue and green.

Busy by Tony Crabbe: In my ultimate quest to find a work life balance, Tony Crabbe breaks down simple techniques to battle the feeling of being overwhelmed in this over-informed world. 

Sleepy body lotion by Lush: The creamy luscious texture and lavender scent is an ideal stimulant for my insomniac soul.