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Kickstart your career with ELLE International x MIT’s educational fashion programme

P.S. Lots of travelling involved

By Shree Vrinda  November 28th, 2019

Fashion is becoming increasingly digital. From instant purchasing platforms to ‘Instagram-able’ outfits, we’re all part of the game in one way or another. With a global focus on sustainability and the latest trends, students are required to up their knowledge of tech-based trends and ethical concepts.

For the fashion industry’s fragmented and complex ecosystem, change is on the way and digitalisation is a major priority. Therefore, universities teaching fashion courses must make it theirs.

That’s why ELLE International x MIT’s Innovation Leadership for Fashion and Luxury Consumer Brands course is designed specifically to impart real-life skills, tips and information from leading industry pros. The programme enables students to learn about ethical fashion and the major challenges faced by the industry, as well as how long-term socio-cultural processes shape fashion.

The curriculum, divided into three different modules, targets three different sectors of the fashion industry. Through this course, you get the chance to learn the various modules and be a globetrotter. The first stop is Paris, the land of haute couture and luxury, next is Madrid, a leader in fast fashion, and lastly, Massachusetts is home to MIT’s Sloan Executive Education campus.

You’ll have the chance to design your career and acquire communication skills to apply to the fashion industry, cutting-edge tools to interact in a digital business environment, and the cultural sensitivity to communicate in a global market.

So, if you want to study fashion in-depth, apply for the ELLE International x MIT’s latest educational programme today at! The next academic year begins on February 1, 2020.