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Team ELLE’s promise to the LGBTQ community

No one has a monopoly on love

By ELLE team  August 6th, 2018

At ELLE, we believe in opening up the universe a little more.
Isn’t that what FREEDOM really means?
Isn’t that what LOVE really is?
Not who, but how much?

71 years after independence, India’s LGBTQ community is on the cusp of WINNING a historic fight: its decades-long struggle against SECTION 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

How does a law dictate whom we should LOVE? Most importantly, why?

To the QUEERDOM — and by this, we mean not just those who are gay or lesbian, but all our non-heteronormative friends — go out there and do what’s right by you.

To the straights: Stand by your friends. 
Times may be CHANGING, but the fight is still on.
We’re a long way from EQUAL RIGHTS — what a lot of us
take for granted every day.
Don’t make anyone feel like their rights are less important than yours.


Be proud, be strong, be unafraid and be unapologetic.
Above all, be more INCLUSIVE.

At ELLE, we believe in THE GOOD FIGHT.
We will support you till the ink bleeds off our pages.
No one has a monopoly on love.

— Team Elle