ELLE picks from Saffron Stays

The rains get a bad rep. They don’t always spoil sport. Some destinations are best explored during the monsoons. The lush green around you will make every moment memorable. But just to make sure your holiday issmooth, you might need these:

Here is a handy checklist for when you’re packing:
1. Carry a light, water-proof bag to ensure your things stay dry and wear partially synthetic clothes so that if you happen to get wet you can dry off quickly.
2. If you plan to walk around in the rains ortrek, a jacket or windcheater is a must along with closed waterproof shoes to keep your feet clean and dry.
3. Do not forget to carry mosquito repellent since the monsoons attract plenty of mosquitos. Also, a basic medical kit with antibiotics is a good idea.
4. To prevent monsoon hazards like contamination, avoid open bottles and purchase packaged water.
5. If you are travelling on your own by road, we suggest you check the weather forecast and get an update on the road conditions for a safe journey.

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