Meet Elle's resident celebrity psychic and energy healer, Tamanna C Advertisement

Meet Elle’s resident celebrity psychic and energy healer, Tamanna C

She can decipher the fault in your stars

By ELLE team  January 23rd, 2017

What does Tamanna C do?

She’s a natural clairvoyant, psychic, healer and a spiritual coach based in Mumbai. She has clients all around the world including Delhi, Dubai, Singapore, Bangalore and Istanbul.

What exactly is a psychic?

Psyche means soul in Greek. She has the ability to read the imprints of soul energy and decode it for her clients.

Is this like aura reading?

Aura is the energy field outside our body. In her sessions, she covers reading of the aura, physical, mental, emotional and karmic level. So yes, it is different. 

Can she read minds?

No. She can read how you function on a subconscious level, But mind reading isn’t possible because your thoughts are constantly changing. Before she picks up one energy, you’ve probably jumped to another thought.

At what age did she start practising?

Personally, she began her journey at the age of 9, but only took it up professionally at the age of 24.

What can one expect out of a psychic reading session?

Every person is made up of 5 dimensions — the aura, physical, mental, emotional and soul (karmic level). In the aura, Tamanna tells you about your spirit guide. As she scans through the physical, mental, emotion levels, she works on your health and subconscious blocks and the lessons you need to learn. At the karmic level, she works on predictions pertaining to career, finance, love, family, health and social life.

On what basis is the reading done?

For the reading, she only works with your full name. Unlike astrologer and numerology, which uses date of birth, time etc. Tamanna makes predictions based on the full name and the energy of the person sitting in front of her during a session.

Can you study psychic healing?

There are various healing modalities one can study, but as far as psychic powers and magnified intuition goes, it’s either gifted or you have to acquire it over decades of practise to master the art. 

Does one need to be going through major issues to visit a psychic?

No. You don’t always have to go through issues to get clarity and guidance in life. A lot of her clients just seek guidance before taking decisions in areas of career and relationships.