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ELLE Review: Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum

It thinks about your skin, so you can think about cupcakes

By Ridhima Sapre  July 31st, 2014

What do you do if you have dull skin, lines, spots and uneven skin tone? What if you have two of these? How many products do you need to tackle your very own, unique cocktail of skin problems, and how do you layer them? According to Clinique, you just need one: their latest Smart Custom-Repair Serum.

According to the skin-care and make-up brand, your skin sends out unique signals for each kind of damage – whether it is pigmentation, loss of volume or wrinkles. This smart serum recognises each signal and sends out ingredients needed to resolve that particular issue, customising it to your skin. It also knows when you’ve had one glass too many and stops you before you make a puffy mess of yourself (not really, but maybe in five years?).

I used it day and night every day (nearly), for three weeks. The texture is one of the best I’ve tried – slightly waxy but disappears on skin, a bit like a primer, but lighter. I used it with the Clinique Three-Step, and the system was perfect for my oily-combination skin. Usually when I layer, my face is a greasy mess within minutes. The serum and Gel Moisturiser left it matte, but comfortable.

In a week, I could tell that my skin looked brighter – not in a “fair” way, but a glowing, healthy one. And while it couldn’t do anything about my religious monthly flare-up (Three zits. Every month. Like clockwork.), and I’ve been lax recently about counting the lines on my face, my skin feels less sensitive, hydrated and plumper. I can see myself sticking with this one for some time. At least until they make a smarter one with a built-in drunk sensor.

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum, Rs 6,500 for 50 ml. Available August onwards at Clinique stores nationwide.