ELLE Review: Does the iPhone XR camera catch every detail? We have the answer

Photography on phone just got a much-needed upgrade with iPhone XR’s 12MP 1/2.55″ sensor camera. With its dual-tone flash, the camera beats the iPhone XS by adding structure to the objects captured. The XR comes with portrait mode in both front and back camera with control over the depth of field. The portrait mode is enhanced with light settings of natural, studio, contour, stage light and stage light mono lighting. The new improved compatibility of sensors helps with better angular perspective for portraits rendering the details of your choice. You can freeze every detail, from skin to landscapes with the enhanced texture detecting capacity.

We put the XR’s camera to test at Milan Fashion Week.

WhatsApp Image 2019 04 15 at 4.26.26 PM

The single-cam lens designed to deliver intense contrast levels managed to capture the smallest details of the garments on the runway. It improved the stability on pictures captured in motion by automatically adjusting light intake of each image. The camera consistently adapted to the change of colour and contrast on the runway resulting in a seamless videography experience. Every texture on the garments was captured in the video.


Fashion week with iPhone XR from Suhani Lotlikar on Vimeo.

Photographing jewellery is a challenge. However, the XR camera captured every cut and curve by reading the structure of the object and adding focus on the edges of the jewellery. With the portrait lighting you can achieve every texture detail on the iPhone XR camera with a dramatic effect.

WhatsApp Image 2019 04 15 at 4.26.31 PM


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